Share Folder Over Internet

Share local folders over the Internet and share files online. Maintain data privacy and control. Simplify mobile access to shared local folders.

One-Click to Share Folder Over the Internet

Large local folders and files have traditionally been shared as email attachments that have to be saved on email servers and can get blocked if they're too big. Even if they're not blocked, this approach allows them to be copied and downloaded anywhere.

With CentreStack, you can share folders online and share files over the Internet as web links to local file server network shares, with read and write permissions and expiration dates, or even in a secure data room with auditing features. Enjoy the simplicity of online folder sharing combined with traditional file server security and its shared drives!

Online Folder Sharing Challenges

There are many ways to share folders and files online. For example, consumer grade file sharing solutions like Dropbox may provide productivity and cost benefits but fail to provide comfortable answers to questions like, “Where, exactly, is my data? Who has access to it? What will they do with it?” And these concerns don’t just involve cyber-threats and hackers but competitors, foreign nationals, and even governments.

Besides the data ownership issue, IT administrators must also consider the following challenges and implied directives:

Online Folder Sharing Challenges IT Administrators face:

Migration Pressure

Avoid being forced to the cloud as users combine tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Email.

Large File Transfer

Sharing large folders over the Internet as email attachments can be cumbersome, problematic and slow.

Data Sprawl

Avoid the headaches of data sets split between local file servers and online file sharing site such as Dropbox.

Migration Costs

Avoid the cost of manual replication of data content and re-creation of NTFS permissions.

Version Control

Avoid data fragmentation that creates multiple versions of files that are difficult to track.

Security Threats

Eliminate threats from de-centralized security and the invasion of personal file sharing accounts.

From Shared Drives to Share Folders Online

Accessing shared drives at work is usually based on Windows file server network share and Active Directory, which are very common components of enterprise infrastructure. But when we become road warriors and work-from-home employees, wouldn't it be convenient to have shared work drives naturally converted to shared folders online, governed by the same security principles and the same identity providers at work.

So why give up your Windows file server and adopt public online file sharing when you are outside of the company network? Wouldn't it be easier to add modern online file sharing and folder sharing capabilities to Windows file servers and modernize the file servers we are used to?

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Online Folder Sharing

A solution that adds iPhone application, web browser interface, Windows mapped drive and Mac Finder volume to shared drives and modernize Windows file server with cloud capabilities.

Remote Access

Enables on-premise file servers for HTTPS based secure remote access without the need of using a VPN.

Disaster Recovery

Leverages cloud storage services as backup cloud file repository with version control, file change history and audit tracing to provide business continuity for file servers on-premises.

Mobile Sharing

Adds mobile applications and web browser interface for secure mobile file sharing directly from corporate file servers.

Cloud Migration

Sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and cloud storage that can be seamlessly converted to cloud only later.

How People Use Shared Folders?


Accountants Receive Files

Accountants works on Quickbooks and need supporting documents from clients to close the books. They create web links represent folders from AWS S3 and send the link to clients that they help with book keeping. Those who received links, with password protection can securely upload documents to their accounts, without the need of sending email attachments or uploading to Dropbox.


Real Estate Takes Pictures

Real estate agents going out to the houses in the market and take pictures of the house on their iPhones and iPads. The pictures are uploaded to Amazon S3 as the company's centralized media folder. Graphical designers back at the head quarter use a s3 mapped drive and Photoshop to enhance those house pictures before the house is posted for sale with nice picture presentations.


Share Business Analytic

Company needs to share a big folder of data with external data analytic firms for data mining and business intelligence. Instead of uploading tons of data to public sharing sites, the company is using CentreStack hybrid cloud file server to link several file server folders with Amazon S3 and share big folders with external firm securely. When the project is done, the external sharing stops and data stays within the control of the company. 

Why People Like Online Folder Sharing?

CentreStack eliminates the common drawbacks of remote file server access and online folder sharing solutions and provides the best of both worlds – the security and control of local file servers combined with the efficiency and productivity gains of online folder sharing and file sharing over the Internet.


CentreStack integrates with Office 365 for web-based co-editing and co-authoring for files inside the shared folder.

Large Folder

Use Outlook integration to share large folder or files as web links via email.

Link Sharing

Convert shared files and shared folders into web links for direct access over web browsers.

Mobile Application

Access shared files and shared folders from mobile devices such as from iPhone or Android phone.

Folder Permissions

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure or inherit from NTFS permissions directly.

Secure Data Room

Web based secure data room allows view-only access to shared folders with download disabled.

User Rights

From internal Active Directory users to external clients and partners, you can define user rights for folder sharing.

Version Control

Shared folders are put under version control and notifications are available for users subscribed to the folders.

Core Value


The folder sharing solution extends the current internal Windows file server's reach to remote locations via HTTPS and web protocols. It is privacy by default.


The internal Windows file server and existing IT infrastructure, including the new CentreStack server are owned by the same corporation and the files and folders on the file server are privately owned. 


The internal Windows file server is the data repository for the newly added private folder sharing service. For employees, the files at work are the same files available remotely on mobile devices.


Since files never leave the current on-premise file servers, it is much easier to pass compliance auditing. The new private file sharing server is the only component that need additional work.

Permission Control

The same NTFS permissions that was in place to protect the internal Windows file server files will be the same permission control in place to protect the private file sharing service.


The Online Folder Sharing Benefits!

CentreStack eliminates the common drawbacks of traditional file server access and cloud file sharing solutions and comes with the following benefits.

Guarantee Data Privacy

Businesses can address data privacy concerns by using CentreStack to provide access to internal file servers. It’s common to talk about replacing existing file servers with cloud solutions to reduce costs and administrative overhead, and CentreStack can facilitate that in any private cloud, but CentreStack offers the unique option of using existing file servers to replace cloud file sharing!

Mobile Access to File Servers

Simplify remote access to file shares with familiar interfaces on any computer or device. Windows and Mac desktops display natively mapped drives in Explorer and Finder. That same experience is presented on iOS and Android devices like iPads, iPhones and Pixels or can be viewed from popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer.

Increase Productivity

Provide an always-on mapped drive that works anywhere on any device and allows mobile users to easily access internal file shares or cloud file servers. Windows file server network shares and shared drive can be turned into online shared folders guarded by the same security measures as those from on-premise file servers and governed by the same Active Directory.

Enhance Data Security

Files are secured at rest and in transit with military grade encryption, secure connections and more. Automatically use existing users and permissions to save setup time and money. When files and folders can continue to stay-in-place with the Windows file servers, the security parameters are smaller and simpler than a public online sharing services and easier to pass compliance tests.

Simplify File Share Access

Easily collaborate with business partners by providing them with access to a limited set of internal files or folders. Share files with non-AD users while maintaining administrative controls. Simplify multi-site collaboration with automatic version controls and file locking. Mobile workers will see the same content in the online shared folder as if they were from internal mapped drive.

On-Demand Synchronization

Mapped drives display directory structure but delay downloads until a file is used to reduce bandwidth usage and endpoint storage consumption. Shared folders and files also have generated web links allowing them to be shown in a web browser based file manager. The files will not be actively downloaded or viewed (as in secure-data-room) until users generate access intents.

Reduce Costs with a Simple "VPN"

Eliminate the overhead and support tickets commonly associated with VPN file sharing, Always On VPN or Direct Access. Automatically use existing users and permissions to save setup time and money. Internal shared drive, with the help from the CentreStack server, have new online folder representations over HTTPS (SSL) protocols and with RESTful APIs for client agents and mobile applications.

White Labeled File Sharing Solution

CentreStack provides a white labeled platform that makes it easy for MSP partners to build a private online file sharing solution based on infrastructure from Amazon, Windows Azure or Google Cloud. MSPs can even build the white labeled solution inside their most preferred data center on a per-client basis with per-client branding support.

Simplify Management

Centrally manage users, access controls, and storage for each tenant. Easily keep track of where the data is, who has access and how it’s being shared. There is a centralized web-based management portal that provide single-pane-of-glass-style management console to manage shared folders and shared files in addition to other objects in the management scope.

On-Premises Alternative to Dropbox and SharePoint

CentreStack has the flexibility to provide an on-premises alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive and SharePoint using existing file servers. You can modernize your file server so much that from the online file sharing solution's perspective, it is same as those from public domains, while at the same time, the solution keeps all the file server security and data ownership benefits.

Centrally Manage Granular Folder Permissions

For complete control and visibility, permissions can be managed from the file server that was their source, or natively with CentreStack. Businesses and their employees accumulate the NTFS permission structure over years of active use and practice. Those NTFS permissions will be inherited by CentreStack and continue to control access to online folder sharing.

Maintain Compliance

Centrally manage users, access controls, and storage for each tenant. Admins can perform audits of GDPR and HIPAA compliance or keep track of any changes that have been made to individual files. It is so much easier to pass compliance tests when both the CentreStack servers and the Windows servers IT infrastructure are under your supervision and control.


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