Web File Manager

Access file server content from remote and mobile devices without the need for a VPN. Web file manager facilitates access, sharing, collaboration, and management, all from your standard web browsers.

  • Business to Business File Sharing - Do you need to send and receive files from business partners? The web file manager is the easiest way to get it done.
  • Light-weighted File Access - Do you need to access a file or two from a kiosk or other computing devices without the need to install the software first?
  • Online Collaboration - Do you need to receive notifications and activity feed when collaborating with your colleagues?

What our Instant Web File Manager can help you with?

No need for a VPN

Web file manager lives inside a web browser and communicates to the backend servers via HTTPS protocol. The communication channel doesn't depend on a VPN, nor does it come with the clumsiness of setting up a VPN.

No need to install

You are uploading, downloading, editing, and managing files and folders with a web browser. There is no need to install the software first on a remote computing device as long as it has a web browser.

File server integration

With native file server integration, the file server network shares and drive-mapping contents show up inside a web browser the same way they would show up on a mapped drive—no extra training required to understand.

Gladinet gives your enterprise secure file share access without VPN by adding secure web channels to your Windows file servers. Remotely editing and sharing files from within a web browser becomes simple and yet safe. Your data still stays on the same file servers, and the file servers gain web browser access capabilities.

A complete solution with a web file manager

Self-Hosted Web Access

With the Gladinet solution, the file-sharing solution is interoperable with existing file server network shares. It comes with Active Directory integration, cloud drive mapping, global file locking, and the NTFS permission control integrations. All these native integrations make the file-sharing solution more like an extension of the current file server instead of another data silo that takes data away.

Mapped Drive

Mapped drive over HTTPS channel to the corporate file server is a crucial feature. Employees are familiar with a mapped drive, and no additional training is required.

Active Directory

Corporate users already have corporate identities in Active Directory and related Active Directory federation service and SAML single-sign-on. They don't need yet another set of credentials to access a file-sharing solution.

File Locking

Most of the file-sharing solutions offer manual file locking in the forms of "file check-in" and "check out." Gladinet provides automatic file locking by detecting file opening requests. When Microsoft Word is opening a file, the file locking process will be initiated automatically and finished automatically when the file editing finishes.

File Permissions

Finally, the ability to integrate with Active Directory and NTFS permission makes it so much easier for system administrators to set up the permission control. The permission features make the Gladinet solution stands out among the peers.

Secure Remote File Access

Gladinet adds cloud functionality to your file servers by fronting your file servers with web technologies. As a result, you can access files and folders from a web browser and mobile applications.

Reduce VPN Support

VPN is clumsy to use for the end-users and, at the same time, trigger support cost. By leveraging web technologies such as web file manager and the communication is redirected from VPN to web channels such as over HTTPS protocol, the VPN support cost goes down dramatically.

Meet Compliance Center

Gladinet provides compliance center features to help companies meet their security requirements and compliance standards such as FIPS, FINRA, HIPAA, and the EU Data Protection Directive GDPR.

Stop Data Breaches

The solution prevents ransomware or other cyber threats with built-in Ransomware Protection features. It disables downloading and sharing while allowing secure data room viewing and sharing.

Collaborate in Office 365

Our secure file sharing software integrates with office 365. It enables enterprises to remotely edit and collaborate on documents within a browser window or Office Mobile apps on iOS or Android, using Office Online while keeping files stored on their own company's server.

Web File Manager Features


Upload Files & Folders

It is easy to upload files and folders via drag and drop from local Windows explorer directly into the web browser interface.

Download Files and Folders

Right-click on files and folders from within the web browser interface to initiate the download.

Secure Data Room

Web-based secure data room allows view-only access to shared folders with download disabled.

Network Shares

It combines NTFS permissions, Active Directory users, and drive-mappings content view into the web browser interface.

Mobile and Responsive

Simplified remote access from iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and other mobile devices. From any location, with any device.

View Office Files

You can view office files and other common file types such as PDFs and images directly from web browser-based file manager.

Preview Thumbnails

The web-based file manager provides a list view and icon view with different thumbnail sizes. It is easy to see images in a folder.

Edit Office Files Online 

Office 365 integration provides the ability to edit and collaborate in real-time with colleagues from within the web browser interface without installing software.

Send and Receive Files

It is easy to send and receive files from business partners. The send a request and receive requests are turned into web links for easy action later.

Revision Control Manager

Files are put under version control by default. The web-based revision manager makes it easy to check the revision history and restore previous versions.


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