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How can you set up private file sharing without a cloud solution?
How can you set up a cloud solution for corporate file sharing with your own file servers?

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When file sharing meets big data

CASE STUDY #1 - When file sharing meets big data

Capitol Broadcasting/ WRAL-TV used Citrix ShareFile for file sharing and content collaboration. However, as a media company with large amounts of data, CBC found that the cost of Citrix ShareFile was rising so quickly that it had to be included in a budget review.

On the other hand, the creative department's staff uses internal file servers, and someone has to maintain the files in Citrix ShareFile and download them to the internal file servers. In the end, the decision was made to switch to Triofox and use the existing file servers to create a private cloud for sharing files for internal use.

CASE STUDY #2 - When file sharing requires privacy

NASA needs an enterprise file sharing solution, comparable to SharePoint from an end-user perspective, for its external employees and contractors. The file-sharing solution must first be integrated with a single sign-on solution and be subject to regular certification audits, as well as meet certain compliance and regulatory requirements.

In this case, SharePoint is a good fit for the general public, but not for organizations that have higher security requirements and compliance regulations. Ultimately, NASA uses its own VMWare infrastructure to set up a private cloud solution for enterprise file sharing that resembles SharePoint.

When file sharing requires privacy

When do you need a private cloud for enterprise file sharing?

Here are the 3 reasons why you should work with us.

  1. Regulation and Compliance - Are you forced to store data on your file servers due to compliance regulations or security requirements? At the same time, do you also have mobility requirements for your employees to share files and collaborate? If so, you can leverage your own file servers to build a private cloud for file sharing.
  2. Security and Privacy - Do you need single sign-on integration and Active Directory-based NTFS permissions and controls to govern access to your data? If the answer is yes, it means your data access policies are tightly coupled with Active Directory and the underlying NTFS file system.
  3. Legacy Application with Large Amounts of Data - Does your daily workflow depend on legacy applications and do these applications produce large amounts of data? If so, migrating to SharePoint or Microsoft Azure Files will cost you a lot of money. It's better and easier to stick with on-premises file servers.

Triofox Solution

With the Gladinet Triofox solution, the cloud file access solution is interoperable with existing file server network shares and provides offline folder capabilities. It includes integration with Active Directory, cloud drive mapping, global file locking and NTFS permission control. These native integrations make the file sharing solution an extension of the current file server rather than another data silo that takes away data.

Mapped Drive

Mapped drive over the HTTPS channel to the corporate file server is a crucial feature. Employees are familiar with a mapped drive, and no additional training is required.

Active Directory

Corporate users already have corporate identities in Active Directory and related Active Directory federation service and SAML single-sign-on. They don't need yet another set of credentials to access a file-sharing solution.

File Locking

Most file-sharing solutions offer manual file locking in the forms of "file check-in" and "check out." Gladinet provides automatic file locking by detecting file opening requests. When Microsoft Word opens a file, the file locking process will be initiated automatically and finished automatically when the file editing finishes.

File Permissions

Finally, integrating with Active Directory and NTFS permission makes it easier for system administrators to set up the permission control. The permission features make the Gladinet solution stands out among its peers.

The three pillars of a private file-sharing cloud in the enterprise

The private file sharing cloud includes centralized data (file server infrastructure), mobile and remote file access, and web-based file sharing, as well as unifying the underlying data and mobile access and file sharing solution into one solution. Below is a reference architecture for a private cloud for enterprise file sharing.

Reference Architecture - Enterprise

Triofox - Enterprise architecture

You can add the following enterprise file sharing features to your private infrastructure.

With your Active Directory providing the necessary identity service and your Windows file server storing the data, Triofox adds the following features to create a private content collaboration solution!


Make it easier for your teams to collaborate with customers successfully:

Online File Server Feature Highlights

Outlook Integration

Instead of sending files as Outlook attachments, files and folders can be shared as links via Outlook.

Send Large Files

Enhance large file transfers' performance by only sending the changes that were made instead of synchronizing the entire file.

Share Files and Folders

Files and folders can be turned into weblinks and accessed from web browsers or any mobile client.

Receive Files and Folders

Weblinks can be generated for web browser-based upload to receive files and folders.

Advanced Sharing

Policies such as expiration dates and read/write permissions can be attached to file sharing.

Desktop Integration

File-sharing can be as easy as right-click on a file from within Windows Explorer.



Secure Data Room

Shared folders have optional secure data room features to enable view-only permissions that disable downloads.

Granular Folder

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure.

Domain Control

The destination email domain is one of the white list parameters that control who can receive file-sharing invitations.

IP Address Control

The destination IP Address is another parameter to control who can be the receiver for a file-sharing action.




Integrates with Office365 to take advantage of built-in co-editing features.


Keep track of important changes and events in the system.



Audit Trace and History

Maintain compliance and control by keeping track of all management tasks and activities.

File-Sharing Reports

Keep track of all file-sharing activities. For example, it's easy to see who is sharing what with whom.

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