Comprehensive Product Comparison

CentreStack Online, CentreStack Server, and Triofox

Each product offers unique features and benefits designed to enhance your file storage, access, and management capabilities, whether you are a small business, a managed service provider, or a large enterprise.

CentreStack Online is our cloud-based solution hosted on AWS, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability for organizations looking to leverage cloud efficiencies. CentreStack Server provides robust server solutions installed by Managed Service Providers, ideal for businesses requiring customized deployments with multi-tenant capabilities. Triofox, designed for enterprise IT teams, simplifies remote file access, seamlessly integrating with your existing on-premise infrastructure.

This comparison aims to help you understand the distinct advantages of each product so that you can choose the solution best suited to your operational needs and strategic goals. Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud, enhance your service offerings, or secure remote access to enterprise data, our comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Comparison of Gladinet Solutions

Feature / Benefit

CentreStack Online

CentreStack Server


Product Type

SaaS cloud file server product hosted on AWS

Server installation by Managed Service Providers and IT Solution Providers

Server installation by enterprise IT teams

Target Audience

Ideal for small teams of three or more users, offers business cloud storage, file sharing, and collaboration, tailored to enhance productivity and teamwork.

Perfect for IT solution providers, this MSP solution offers a robust, multi-tenant cloud file server designed to meet the needs of managed service providers.

A top choice for larger enterprises, provides an HTTPS-based storage gateway that accelerate remote file access and file sharing via HTTPS streaming and intelligent caching.

Core Functionality

Offers cloud file server functionalities tailored for varied use-cases like CAD files, legal documents, etc.

Advanced file server solution with multi-tenancy, white-label branding, robust file management, and synchronization capabilities

Simplified remote file server access for enterprises, with extensive support for large files, inter-file references, and local caching for speed enhancement.

Integration and Accessibility

Provides seamless integration with cloud identity infrastructure and broad accessibility across various industries

Strong integration capabilities with on-premises infrastructure, supporting complex multi-tenant storage environments

Excellent integration with on-premise file servers, and cloud services like AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files.

Data Management and Security

Leverages AWS hosting environment for enhanced security, compliance, and features like two-factor authentication

Offers sophisticated data management tools including file locking and version control, aimed at high compliance sectors like healthcare and engineering in self-hosted multi-tenant environments

Advanced security features including HIPAA compliance, encrypted file management, and simplified data access without VPNs, suitable for single-tenant environments

Operational Efficiency

Addresses operational challenges across sectors, reducing costs and improving data handling efficiencies for small teams with cloud storage needs

Tailored for MSPs and IT providers, enhancing operational efficiencies with existing file servers under management and offering branded cloud storage services with their own brand

Streamlined operations with reduced need for VPN, enhances remote work capabilities with faster data transfer and intelligent local caching.

User Experience

Widely praised for user-friendly management tools and seamless integration requiring no re-training

Designed for complex setups needing robust management features; supports extensive customization for MSPs, integrating across tenant boundaries through a single-pane of glass

User-friendly setup integrating well with existing IT infrastructure, reduces reliance on traditional file access methods like VPN, with straightforward Active Directory and NTFS integration

Customization and Scalability

Highly scalable across different customer needs for cloud storage, adaptable to vast data handling requirements

Highly customizable for specific business needs, especially for MSPs with multi-tenant and branding capabilities

Highly scalable, supports large-scale operations across multiple industries, provides custom solutions for efficient remote file access to internal and cloud storage


Meets stringent industry standards and regulations by leveraging AWS infrastructure, ensuring data integrity and protection

Compliant with high-security requirements, offers features like military-grade security and HIPAA compliance for sensitive data sharing in self-hosted environments

Strong focus on compliance, suitable for healthcare, legal, and engineering sectors with robust security and operational protocols, integrates seamlessly without data migration


Provides significant cost savings and operational advantages over traditional systems and similar cloud storage vendors

Cost-effective, particularly in environments that benefit from centralized management and reduced need for physical infrastructures, channel pricing for MSPs and IT solution providers

Reduces costs associated with VPN and traditional cloud migrations, offers a cost-effective solution for secure remote access, faster and more efficient than traditional VPNs

Deployment Speed

Recognized for quick deployment and ease of integration, greatly reducing setup times; ready to work upon signup

Relatively quick deployment for an on-prem solution, adaptable to specific IT environments or integrate with multiple tenants' storage services

Rapid deployment capabilities, particularly in settings requiring quick integration with existing cloud and IT infrastructure; hassle-free user provisioning and permission control

Choose Best Solution Fit Your Business Needs

Each product is designed with specific user needs in mind, ensuring that whether you require cloud scalability, customized server installations, or streamlined enterprise access, there is a solution that aligns with your business objectives.

As you consider your options, think about the specific challenges and requirements of your organization. Whether improving remote workforce capabilities, ensuring data compliance, or scaling your IT infrastructure, the right file management solution is crucial.

CentreStack Online

Ideal for businesses seeking a cloud-native file server solution that simplifies management while ensuring robust data security and seamless integration with existing cloud services.

CentreStack Server

Best suited for managed service providers who need a customizable, multi-tenant file server solution that offers advanced data management tools and enhances client service capabilities.


Offers an effective solution for enterprises looking to extend the accessibility and security of their existing on-premise file servers to remote users, without the need for complex VPN.


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