File Server Mobilization

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Gladinet revolutionizes cloud storage and collaboration by merging CentreStack's technical prowess with Triofox's intuitive ease. It provides unmatched file server mobilization that enables cloud flexibility and mobile access without complex migrations or VPN dependencies and integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures. Designed for enterprises and service providers, Gladinet improves efficiency, security and compliance with customizable branding and advanced data protection to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Join the growing network of organizations that have found a unique path to file server mobilization. See why our approach is resonating across various industries.

Introducing Advanced Remote Work Solutions

Transform remote work with, where our AI Agent framework and integral zero trust file access seamlessly unite to redefine efficiency. By embedding business knowledge and skills through AI Agents and delivering them via secure remote access, we empower your global team to reach unparalleled productivity.

Zero Trust
File Access

Secure, Seamless Remote Work Solutions

AI Assistant
for Your File Servers

Unlock Actionable Insights from Unstructured Data

Triofox Evolution: Classic vs. AI

When to use Triofox Classic and when to use

Has Cloud Migration Failed or Felt Out of Reach? We Understand Your Pain.

Explore the common challenges faced by CIOs and how our unique file server mobilization approach can turn obstacles into opportunities.


Compliance or Security

Struggling to balance compliance and security with remote access? Our solution keeps your data under control, meeting all regulatory requirements without sacrificing flexibility.


Legacy Applications

Worried about abandoning legacy applications? We preserve file server features like drive mapping and Active Directory, enabling compatibility over HTTPS without disruptive migration.


Large Amounts of Data

Concerned about the cost, complexity, and error-prone nature of migrating large volumes of data to the cloud? With our solution, data stays put, effortlessly eliminating those problems.


Already using Object Storage

Using Amazon S3 or other object storage but missing file server features like permissions and file locking? We restore the traditional file server interface for these services, preserving your existing workflow.

Gladinet has revolutionized the way our office works remotely. It's a must-have in the pandemic era.


We provide software that modernizes your file servers
to meet the challenges of remote work

No VPN Required

Tired of troubleshooting VPN connections? With our software, you can access your company's file servers without a VPN. Experience seamless remote access and enhance collaboration from any device, anywhere.

No Migration

Avoid the costly, risky, and complex migration of your valuable data. Our solution brings cloud-like access without moving your files, ensuring the integrity and compliance of your current setup with no extra user training.


Maintain application and file server compatibility with features like drive mapping, file locking, and Active Directory integration. Preserve user experience and workflows, making the transition smooth and non-disruptive.

Quick Adoption

Implementing our solution is smooth and fast, without disrupting your existing setup. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, allowing your team to continue working without missing a beat, and enjoy immediate benefits.

Leading companies trust us to mobilize workforce

Our company provides secure remote access and mobile file sharing solutions for small businesses supported by our thousands of MSP partners and enterprises such as NASA, Red Bull, HP, and others. You can find out more about who we are and what we do below.

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Why 10,000+ businesses choose Gladinet

Security & Compliance

Maintain control of your data within your own borders and adhere to unique security standards. Gladinet enables businesses to meet stringent compliance requirements without migrating to uncertain environments, providing a tailored solution for European Safe Harbor regulations and other unique security needs.

Modern Collaboration

While traditional VPN solutions limit access and functionality, Gladinet provides a suite of modern collaboration tools. Access files through web browsers, mobile phone applications, and enjoy offline files and folders, offering a seamless experience that goes beyond standard file server solutions.

Scalable Solution

Gladinet's own deployment within an AWS data center serves as a reference design for scalability. Utilizing server farms and application load balancers, we've created an architecture capable of meeting the demands of large enterprises. This internal production environment highlights our commitment to delivering a robust solution that grows with your business.

Customization & White-Labeling

Gladinet offers extensive customization, from the look and feel of the user interface to the creation of your own branded iOS and Android applications. Tailor our solution to meet your company's unique branding, and take advantage of our automated workflow that even includes internal development team support.

Remote Efficiency

Gladinet delivers an efficient file access experience, even over the internet, by employing advanced technologies like HTTPS protocol streaming, intelligent caching, and offline-folder capabilities. These features significantly reduce the chatty-ness of file transfers and offer a seamless upgrade from traditional VPN solutions.

Seamless Integration

Experience full compatibility with your existing infrastructure through integration with Active Directory, SAML single-sign-on, NTFS permissions, DFS file systems, and support for major object storage like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage.

Cost-Effective Storage

Concerned about high costs of cloud storage for large data sets? Leverage your existing file server infrastructure with Gladinet or choose affordable options like Amazon S3. Avoid expensive cloud services and fit your budget and storage needs.

Industry Success

From design firms to construction companies, Gladinet's solution has consistently enhanced remote efficiency, ensured secure sharing, and reduced costs. Its tangible impact is felt across diverse industries, making it a trusted and versatile solution for many needs.

Everyone has access to the same files worldwide, all up-to-date and accurate, from one system that is also secure and easy to deploy. Accessing the existing file system is very, very easy to implement with Gladinet. Gladinet also offers reliability as if you were in the office at all times.



Panorama Antennas

The majority of Damecon’s clients use Office 365, but many of them are in the healthcare industry which, in the Netherlands, has even stricter regulations than in the United States. Now we can go to any healthcare provider in the Netherlands and say ‘this is all functioning according to Dutch healthcare regulations'.


Director & Co-owner


Gladinet is the best file server replacement solution on the market. They aren’t just leading the market, but they basically created a new market - none of the other products can do the things that I can do with Gladinet. Gladinet by default doesn’t put any files on your computer, so that was a newer concept as we were switching. Some of our clients have a terabyte of storage, no one wants to have that much storage on each computer to maintain a file sync & share.




Our Recent Case Studies

5 Ways HTTPS-based Drive Mapping beats Traditional VPNs and RDPs

Let’s face it. VPN technology is complicated, and VPN is a pain. A pain exacerbated by the clichéd increasing pressure to work remotely. A recent Gartner survey of enterprise CFOs and leaders indicates that 74% of companies intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently.

Can't migrate your file servers to SharePoint?

Is compliance or security an issue when using SharePoint? Does SharePoint break XREF (external references) between a group of files for legacy applications? Has the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) complained about long file names? Are there too many files that do not fit into a single SharePoint library, and do you need to split your file server into multiple libraries and reorganize your files?

Scale terminal server with better remote file access

Terminal servers and remote desktops offer a way to access corporate file server and run business applications from remote locations. There may be situations where 3D rendering, file transfer to backend file servers, and casual Internet browsing can be moved away from terminal server sessions, and thus help terminal server scalability.

Secure Remote Access without Data Sprawl

Panorama needed a solution that employees could easily access, but that would also keep files secure, locally hosted and up to date.

With all files stored on-site, Panorama Antennas can now rest assured that their files are secure and compliant with GDPR regulations.

Data Governance to Stay within Regulations

Many of Damecon's clients are in the healthcare industry, which has even stricter regulations in the Netherlands than in the United States. These regulations require specific data storage requirements.

Many of Damecon's customers have physical file servers or use a hybrid of cloud storage and physical servers. In order to comply with regulations, it is important to monitor compliance on a regular basis.

Add cloud mobility to file servers

Self Hosted Solution

Looking for Self Hosted File Sharing or File Server Remote Access without a VPN?

Self Hosted

Simplify file server access with a self-hosted file sharing platform.

Cloud Mobility

Combine mobility, mapped drives, and file locking.

Data Ownership

Maintains data privacy, ownership and permissions.

Data Privacy

Create the private cloud file server you've been looking for.

The solution provides remote users
with local file server capabilities without VPN!

Cloud Drive Mapping

Drive mapping is an important feature for online file access. End users can easily drag and drop files and folders from a set of mapped drives over the Internet without a VPN connection.

Global File Locking

File locking is a vital feature for online file access and team collaboration to avoid conflicts. End users need to control global concurrent online file access by using file locking to maintain consistency.

Secure Mobile Access

Have you spent many hours troubleshooting VPN connections? Have both your staff and IT support team lost productivity due to downed VPN connections? VPNs are complicated; there is a better way!

Gladinet for Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Firms

Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms are under pressure to become more digitally aligned to improve project management and oversight, gain timely insights into every project phase, avoid downtime and build faster. However, the platforms that deliver these benefits require AEC data to be moved to the cloud, making overnight implementation difficult. How can existing file server infrastructure be leveraged for rapid implementation?

Microsoft DFS Replacement with Integrated File Sharing for Branch Offices and Law Firms

One of the biggest challenges with using Microsoft DFS to synchronize server directories across multiple sites is that you then need a separate tool for file sharing. However, if you try to use solutions like Dropbox, SharePoint or ShareFile, you face the challenge of keeping those files in sync with copies on the file servers.

Having trouble running AutoCAD on Dropbox, Google Drive or SharePoint?

Do you have problems with file locking, file corruption and external references (XREFs)?

Gladinet provides cloud drive mapping on both Windows and Mac desktops for on-demand access. At the same time, it works with AutoCAD file types.

Unlock Next-Level File Security Solutions

Dive deeper into the future of file security and collaboration. Explore our curated selection of advanced solutions designed to elevate your business's efficiency, security, and scalability. Discover how simplicity meets sophistication in our next-gen platforms. Embark on a journey to redefine your digital workspace today.

Secure Collaboration Simplified

Beyond VPNs: Seamless, Secure Team Workflows

Secure Collaboration Platform

Effortless Collaboration, Uncompromising Security for Teams

Cloud Collaboration Solutions

Streamline Work, Secure Data, Enhance Collaboration

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