Secure Mobile File Access

Secure Mobile File Access

Mobilize your workforce with quick and easy secure mobile file access to corporate file servers without a VPN. Enable workforce with mobile file sharing with corporate file server as the centralized data repository.

Case Study - Adding Secure Mobile File Access to File Servers

An energy drink company has several sites. The data is currently stored on the local file servers in the primary data center, and each satellite office has its local file server. This company is also utilizing DFS, which allows them to logically group shares on multiple servers and transparently link file-shares into a single hierarchical namespace.

DFS (Distributed File System) is a Windows Server feature that simplifies SMB network share management, so you do not need to remember individual file server names anymore. DFS link can have multiple SMB network shares mapped to it and form a replication group for copying files among the shares. DFS is good for on-premises infrastructure within the realm of a local area network. However, it was not a web browser and mobile-friendly solution, missing much-needed support on Web Browsers and mobile clients.

The IT team needed to incorporate cloud file-sharing capabilities to Microsoft DFS infrastructure to provide easy and safe file server access on Windows, MAC, and mobile clients to the remote and mobile workforce. This business was also unable to migrate all its on-premises data to a public cloud storage service. They needed a solution that could work with their current infrastructure, including DFS shares, while also allowing secure remote and mobile access from Windows, Macs, browsers, and mobile clients. 

Lesson Learned

For organizations with many file servers, Microsoft DFS is a perfect way to consolidate them into a single namespace. The greater an organization's reliance on DFS, the more difficult it will be to move to the cloud. Taking a hybrid approach and migrating in phases is suitable for the company. In the meantime, regardless of file server location, a file server mobilization solution can provide users with safe, quick remote, mobile file sharing and mobile access.

Secure Mobile File Access to File Servers

Corporate file servers are typically accessed using a remote desktop (RDP) connection, a virtual private network (VPN), or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). These access methods work well enough for desktop users, but it is pretty cumbersome to start because of the interactive nature. For example, a typical workflow will be clicking on some remote desktop icons or some VPN icon and connecting to the network, and remote desktop to access files and folders on corporate file servers.

For mobile workers, it would be excellent for files and folders to follow workers on their mobile phones and laptops, so they're readily available when needed. Therefore, users tend to turn to Dropbox and other 3rd party mobile file-sharing services since they usually work this way.

However, if left unattended, using Dropbox and other 3rd party mobile file-sharing services can lead to later problems around data sprawl and compliance issues when files are scattered in different places. With Gladinet, businesses can cloud-enable their file servers for secure remote access and mobile file sharing.

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Triofox Solution

Triofox adds secure mobile access and file sharing, disaster prevention and recovery, to file servers on-premises with easy cloud migration to private cloud storage. It is the real cloud file server solution you have been looking for! 

Remote Access

Triofox bridges file servers and cloud storage for secure remote access without the need of a VPN.

Web Access

Accessing files and folders directly from within a web browser as if it is as interactive as from a desktop drive.

Mobile Access

Triofox leverages cloud storage for secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or a mobile application.

Mobile Sharing

Employees can share files and folders with external business partners with permission controls, expiration dates, and web links.

Benefits of a privately owned mobile file server solution

Simple & Fast

Files are cached locally, so access feels instant without the cumbersome setup of remote desktops or VPN file sharing. Users get local performance when working remotely.

Seamless Interaction

Legacy applications may continue to use the original file shares, which remain unchanged even as Gladinet provides remote and mobile access to the same file shares from any device.

Good Usability

Minimize user training with a mapped drive that works the same on-premises or remotely. Provide a seamless local experience for users across multiple device factors.

Reduce Data Sprawl

Data stays on corporate file servers. Existing permissions govern remote and mobile access. File editing and modification permanently save back to the file's original location.

Enforce Permissions

Enforce Permissions
Combines NTFS permissions, Active Directory users and drive mappings with mobile access from any device.

Maintain Compliance

Inherits file server compliance and allows admins to run HIPAA or GDPR compliance checks and generate reports demonstrating compliance for mobile file access and collaboration.

Mapped Drive + Web Simplicity + Mobile Access? How??

Gladinet solutions have a web server component that accepts file requests from client agents and mobile applications over the HTTPS/SSL protocol. These requests are then translated into Active Directory and File Server network share access protected by NTFS permissions. The file is sent back via HTTPS/SSL to the client agents when all permission checks have passed. Gladinet uses this approach to combine the power of a mapped drive with the simplicity of web browsing and the handy mobile applications to present a unified files and folders view across multiple device factors!

1. Web Server Component

Gladinet solution contains a web server front end accepting client agent requests from remote Windows, Mac, web browser, iOS and Android devices. Mobile applications present files and folders and related functionality.

2. Agents Send File Requests

Mobile applications send HTTPS/SSL requests to the Gladinet server. Gladinet server can log the requests for auditing purpose and also coordinate the file access and sharing demands before forwarding requests to file servers.

3.Active Directory Integration

Active Directory and NTFS permissions are used to check whether the file requests are allowed. After that, file requests are satisfied and returned via HTTPS/SSL to client agents such as the mobile applications.

Mobile File Sharing Feature Highlights

Gladinet eliminates the common drawbacks of remote file server access and file sharing solutions and provides the best of both worlds – the security and control of legacy file servers combined with the efficiency and productivity gains of mobile file share.

Drive Mapping

Triofox provides a mapped drive over HTTPS/SSL for seamless file access.

Folder Permissions

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure.

Offline Editing

Local files can be read and modified when the laptop is not connected.

Version Control

Version control can be used to resolve conflicts with offline editing mode.

Link Sharing

Use web links to share files and folders with recipients or to receive files.

Mobile Access

Employees access files and folders from web browsers and mobile devices.

The Secure Mobile File Access Benefits!

Gladinet eliminates the common drawbacks of traditional file server access and mobile file sharing solutions. Companies can consolidate corporate data on existing file server infrastructure and enable mobile file access and mobile file sharing features directly.


Mobile File Share Access

Easily collaborate with business partners by providing them with mobile access to a limited set of internal files or folders. Share files with non-AD users while maintaining administrative controls. Simplify multi-site collaboration by consolidating multiple file shares for mobile access.

Mobile Access to File Servers

Simplify mobile access to file shares with familiar interfaces on any computer or device. Windows and Mac desktops display natively mapped drives in Explorer and Finder. That same experience is presented on iOS and Android devices like iPads, iPhones and Pixels or can be viewed from popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Reduce Costs with a Simple VPN Alternative

Eliminate the overhead and support tickets commonly associated with VPN file sharing, Always On VPN or Direct Access. Automatically use existing users and permissions to save setup time and money.

Enhance Data Security

Files are secured at rest and in transit with military-grade encryption, secure connections and more. Automatically use existing users and permissions to save setup time and money.

Centrally Manage Granular Folder Permissions

For complete control and visibility, permissions can be managed from the file server that was their source, or natively redefined from scratch.

On-Demand Synchronization

Remotely mapped drives display directory structure but delay downloads until a file is used to reduce bandwidth usage and endpoint storage consumption.

Guarantee Data Privacy

Businesses can address data privacy concerns by using Gladinet to provide access to internal file servers. It’s common to talk about replacing existing file servers with cloud solutions to reduce costs and administrative overhead, and Gladinet can facilitate that in any private cloud, but Gladinet offers the unique option of using existing file servers to service mobile file sharing!

Centralized Mobility

Companies don't have to use a different cloud file sharing solution, while at the same time keeping the corporate file servers. The current file server infrastructure becomes the mobile file access and file sharing platform.

Increase Productivity

Provide an always-on mapped drive that works anywhere on any device and allows mobile users to easily access internal file shares or cloud file servers and share files and folders over Internet.

On-Premises Alternative to Dropbox and SharePoint

Gladinet has the flexibility to provide an on-premises alternative to Dropbox and SharePoint using existing file servers.

Simplify Management

Centrally manage users, access controls, and storage for each employee. Easily keep track of where the data is, who has access and how it’s being shared.

Maintain Compliance

Centrally manage users, access controls, and storage for each tenant. Admins can perform audits of GDPR and HIPAA compliance or keep track of any changes that have been made to individual files.

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