True Multi Tenant Secure File Sharing

MSP Solution
Tired of creating a separate OwnCloud instance for each tenant? CentreStack provides true multi-tenancy in a single instance.

The Multi Tenancy Challenge

ownCloud does not support true multi-tenancy since it requires instance replication to provide data segregation. True multi-tenancy shouldn't require the added cost and complexity of multiple instances

CentreStack offers multi-tenancy in a single instance with a single-pane-of-glass for management that provides a grand view of all the tenants and assets such as file shares, users and storage. The segregation and sandboxing of these resources are built-in and require no manual configuration effort or additional instances.

Data Ownership and Permissions

Are you looking for a secure file sharing solution that maintains data privacy, security and ownership?

Are you trying to prevent employees from using ad-hoc personal Dropbox or 3rd party accounts that create problems like:

  • Usability gaps between file servers and cloud file repositories
  • Excessive bandwidth consumption and data sprawl
  • Compliance and security issues when files are replicated without permission controls

CentreStack provides true multi-tenancy with the following benefits:

Single Instance

True multi-tenancy on a single instance with management from a single pane of glass.

Privacy & Ownership

Build the whole solution with your own servers to avoid cloud replication.

On-Demand Sync

Save storage and bandwidth by only syncing the data that is accessed.

Central Control

Centrally manage file revisions to maintain consistency.

Data Security

Centrally manage NTFS permissions and permission controls.

Replace VPN

Get rid of VPN headaches with remote file server access for iOS, Android, Mac and PCs.

CentreStack Deployment Highlights

Deploy CentreStack to quickly overcome the challenges of using 3rd party consumer file sharing accounts at work. You'll still provide remote sharing and mobile access, while retaining data privacy and ownership with existing access access controls.

It's a true multi-tenant file sharing and mobile access solution. Can be hosted behind your corporate firewall, on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. And integrates natively with Active Directory permissions while giving end users a drive letter with on-demand access and file locking.

It is better than ownCloud.

Simple Install

Install the solution on a Windows Server in 20 minutes. Manage from a single-pane-of-glass.


CentreStack is multi-tenant by default. Single-tenancy is a simpler special case.

White Labeled

Customize the solution with your own branding from web interface to mobile applications.


Each CentreStack server supports thousands of users or can be clustered to create massive scale.

Storage Agnostic

Use Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage or file server shares to create private, self-hosted secure file sharing solutions.

Data Center Ready

Install it behind a company firewall or in Amazon or Azure data centers.

Multi-Tenant Deployment Diagram

Install CentreStack on a Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2016 or Windows 2019 servers as shown in the following configuration.
Connect each tenant's Active Directory and file server shares using the Cloud File Server agent.

CentreStack sits behind the firewall, accepts requests coming in over HTTPS and authenticates against Active Directory to seamlessly satisfy file access requests.

Self-Hosted Solution for Privacy, Security and Control

Self-hosting keeps data on-premises or under your direct control in a private cloud, making it easier to satisfy compliance requirements.

Native Active Directory Support

Active Directory users can simply log in to start using the solution with no additional setup and even use their existing home directories. Active Directory remains the central place for user identity management.

Simple Collaboration with On-Demand Synchronization

Integrate with SAN or NAS storage. Directly import network share permissions for team collaboration. On-demand synchronization optimizes performance for large folders and virtual desktop integration.

Multi-tenant or Single-tenant Deployments

Out of the box, CentreStack is multi-tenant ready. It starts with a default tenant, for single tenant mode, with the ability to easily add additional tenants.