OpenStack Swift Mobile Access with iOS

Simple solution for secure access and file sharing based on OpenStack Swift Mobile Access with iOS. iOS app and mobile access included!

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iPhone and OpenStack Swift

You have moved data into OpenStack Swift and are looking for an easy way to access that data from your mobile devices, such as an iPhone or iPad. One of them is the OpenStack Swift Transfer Utility for iOS, a mobile SDK for developers to integrate into their own apps. There are other Swift iOS applications on the market as well. So what's so special about Triofox? With Triofox, you can access Swift files and folders from iOS devices and share Swift files and folders as web links. You can integrate your local file servers with OpenStack Swift and create a hybrid cloud file server to facilitate mobile access to your local file servers.

Use an iPhone in the Workplace

It's important that employees have access to corporate data, some of which now resides in OpenStack Swift. Triofox unifies shared data from corporate file servers and OpenStack Swift into a distributed file system view. Employees can access these work documents from their iPhones, where they can create, edit, share and view projects created with Microsoft Office, such as PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets.

Use iPhone & OpenStack Swift for Team Collaboration

Workplace Features for iPhone & OpenStack Swift


Integrates NTFS and folder permissions with files in OpenStack Swift

Active Directory

Uses the employee's Active Directory credentials to log in


Adding comments to files and folders for team collaboration


Notifying team members about file changes

How to Maximize iPhone + OpenStack Swift Productivity?

Challenges of OpenStack Swift

OpenStack Swift is primarily for independent software vendors (ISVs) to develop business solutions, not for direct use. It's sort of like a hard drive that's not meant for direct use, but as a building block behind a tool like Windows Explorer or a file-sharing platform like a Windows file server. If you use an iPhone to access files from OpenStack Swift, you're probably an end user, not a developer.

Like these features on your iPhone for OpenStack Swift files?

Triofox uses the OpenStack Swift API to add secure remote access, file sharing, disaster prevention, and recovery to your on-premises file server with automatic migration to OpenStack Private Clouds. It's not an object metadata manipulation tool, but a secure file sharing solution and file server replacement based on OpenStack Swift.


Mobile Editing

Use iPhone applications such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Applications to edit files in OpenStack Swift and save them back to OpenStack Swift.

Upload to OpenStack Swift

Take photos of real estate or construction projects and store them in a central corporate OpenStack Swift.

Hybrid File Server

Connect the OpenStack Swift to corporate on-premises file servers and access network shares of the corporate file server with iPhone.

Offline Favorite

Mark files and folders in the OpenStack Swift as favorites and access them on demand to complete tasks on an iPhone or iPad.

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iPhone OpenStack Swift Solution

A solution to add the iPhone application, web browser interface, Windows mapped drive, and Mac Finder volume to OpenStack Swift and turn OpenStack Swift into an enterprise cloud file server solution.

Remote Access

Combines on-premises file servers and OpenStack Swift for secure remote access without the need of using a VPN.

Disaster Recovery

Uses OpenStack Swift as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history, and audit tracing to ensure business continuity for on-premises file servers.

Mobile Sharing

Uses OpenStack Swift in the cloud for secure mobile file sharing via a web browser or mobile apps.

Cloud Migration

Sets up a hybrid deployment between on-premises file servers and OpenStack Swift that can be seamlessly transitioned to OpenStack Cloud only later.

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