Move File Server to Cloud

Move file server to cloud for better remote file access and cloud file sharing. Provide secure remote access and mobile access to file server network shares with enhanced productivity and mobility.

Mobilize Your File Servers to Cloud So
It is Easier for Mobile Remote Access!

This white paper describes Gladinet Triofox, which businesses can use to quickly enable secure remote access and mobile access to file servers without using a VPN and without synchronizing to external storage services such as Office 365, Dropbox, or Box. Beyond remote access, Triofox can also leverage the private cloud for file server business continuity.

With more and more businesses practicing social distancing guidelines during a global pandemic, there is increased interest in faster ways to facilitate work from home without compromising data privacy, security, or compliance. 

Simplify work from home with Triofox. The ability to facilitate remote file server access can be critical for a company that depends on internal file servers.

Move File Server Share to Cloud

Say you built your company infrastructure around Microsoft Windows File Server and Windows network shares. Triofox can help you extend your file server with cloud capability and extend the file server network share to the cloud to allow easy access to files for remote and branch offices. At the same time, the cloud serves as a backup and recovery media to the Windows file servers.

VPN is quite a headache!

How many times has your support team been overwhelmed by VPN tickets? For most non-technical people, VPN is too complicated. First, you need to establish a connection, which differs from PC and Mac devices. Then, a user needs to understand a file server, network share, and map a drive to a network share. Lastly, this process would need to be repeated with any glitch in the Internet connection, costing the company time and money.

Without a solution, employees may often select an unauthorized third-party solution to facilitate productivity and efficiency. However, copying company documents and files onto personal storage drives creates problems with data sprawling and compliance. 

How about FTP or WebDav?

Neither FTP nor WebDAV is the right solution for Windows file servers. Your mobile workforce may prefer a Dropbox or OneDrive-style modern access solution that combines web browser access, desktop/laptop device access, and mobile access into one cohesive solution. 

The Cloud Remote Access Benefits!

Triofox eliminates the common drawbacks of traditional file server access and cloud file sharing solutions.

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Triofox Solution

Triofox adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention, and recovery to file servers on-premises with easy cloud migration to private cloud storage. It is the real cloud file server solution you have been looking for! 

Remote Access

Triofox bridges file servers and cloud storage for secure remote access without the need for a VPN.

Web Access

Accessing files and folders directly from within a web browser is as interactive as from a desktop drive.

Mobile Access

Triofox leverages cloud storage for secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or a mobile application.

Cloud Migration

Triofox sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and cloud storage that you can seamlessly convert to cloud only.

Cloud Power + Web Simplicity + File Server Security.

Triofox is a web server that accepts client agents' file requests over the HTTPS/SSL protocol, translate them into Active Directory and File Server network share access protected by NTFS permissions. The file is sent back via HTTPS/SSL to the client agents when all permission checks have passed. Triofox uses this approach to combine the power of a mapped drive with the simplicity of web browsing and the security of a VPN!

1. Triofox Web Server

Triofox creates a web server front end accepting client agent requests from remote Windows, Mac, web browser, iOS, and Android devices. Client agents provide drive mapping functionality. 

2. Agents Send File Requests

Client agents send HTTPS/SSL requests to the Triofox server. Triofox server can log the requests for auditing purposes and also coordinate the file access and sharing demands. 

3. Local Security Integration

Active Directory and NTFS permissions are used to check whether the file requests are allowed. After that, file requests are satisfied and returned via HTTPS/SSL to client agents. 

"Now we can go to any healthcare provider in the Netherlands and say ‘this is all functioning according to Dutch healthcare regulations."


Director & Co-owner, Damecon

Looking for a modern cloud solution with file server security?

Simple User Interface

Triofox integrates with Office 365 for web-based co-editing and co-authoring for files inside the shared folder.

Reduce Costs

It reduces costs with VPN (virtual private network) support. 

Best of Both Worlds

It also combines Windows file server security and control with the cloud's ease of use and productivity.

Easy Setup

Has a more straightforward permission migration and configuration strategy than SharePoint, Dropbox, or Google Drive - inherit it directly from the file server. 

Inherit Permissions

Combines NTFS permissions, Active Directory users, and drive mappings with remote access from any device. 

Hybrid Solution

With private cloud migration, the local file server and cloud file server will construct a hybrid file server solution. 


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