Try Gladinet as an FTP alternative!
Get 1 TB FREE Cloud Storage with every new Gladinet Team account.*
  • Simple, secure FTP alternative
  • Access your files virtually anywhere
  • Active Directory integration
  • Instant file server migration
  • 3-step easy sign up
Using Gladinet Cloud as an FTP alternative
With Gladinet Cloud, team members don't need to change the way they work. Instead, they can use existing applications like Microsoft Office to access files in the cloud through a virtual drive on their desktops or a centralized file server. And Gladinet Cloud enables anywhere access with mobile devices and web browsers. As an FTP alternative, feature highlights include:
Access files anywhere using cloud storage as an FTP replacement
Remote access from a PC, mobile device or web browser
Access shared team content from a virtual drive
Control access to shared content with ACLs and permissions
Use existing Active Directory identities
Attach existing folders to cloud storage
Instant, secure access to File Server Data from remote virtual drives

Get 1 TB FREE Cloud Storage with a new Gladinet Cloud Team Account*
Gladinet Cloud makes your cloud storage as easy to use as a local drive, with simplified, highly secure access from desktops, file servers, mobile devices and web browsers. Promotion highlights:
Signup for a Gladinet account with minimum 3 users
Includes 1 TB FREE Cloud Storage
Get first month free for Gladinet account
$9.99/user/month from the second month
No additional charge for 1 TB Cloud Storage
$2.99/10 GB/month for storage over 1 TB

* Includes 30 day free trial of Gladinet Team Account, minimum of 3 users per account required. After free trial period, pay only $9.99/user/month for Gladinet Team Account, minimum of 3 users per account required. Fees will apply for any Cloud Storage exceeding 1 TB. May not be combined with any other Gladinet promotion. Gladinet terms and conditions apply. Limited time offer. Cancel anytime by sending an email to support@gladinet.com"
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Access and Backup Share Files and Folders Easy Cloud Migration File Server Access iPad Support
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