Remote Folder Synchronization

Remote folder synchronization from desktop machines to file server and from file servers to private cloud. It is for better offline file access and better business continuity.
Gladinet solutions allow an organization to provide simple, secure access to company files over the Internet for all their remote file server access, secure file sharing, file synchronization, backup, and collaboration needs.
Folder Synchronization is a very important feature for offline file access, backup and business continuity.
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Remote Folder Synchronization

Gladinet provides desktop folder synchronization with corporate file servers and also provides file server network shares synchronize to private cloud storage for business continuity
  • Seamless Access – Use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to access remote files as if they were on your local desktop.
  • Version Control – Folder synchronization and version control working hand-in-hand to provide file integrity.
  • Offline Editing – Since files in a local synchronization folder is 100% local, the synchronization folder supports offline editing easily.

File accessing outside of corporate network

Mapped network drive is the default file accessing method inside a corporate's network. Files and folders are served directly from corporate file servers. Windows desktop machines with group policy setup and active directory security settings have network drives automatically mapped to file server network shares and be available immediately upon a user's login to a Windows workstation.

For mobile workers, it is an advantage to read and modify files on their laptops regardless of the network conditions. When they are on the network, the offline files and folders will be synchronizing with the corporate file servers. When they are off the networks, the editing will be kept offline locally on the laptop.

Gladinet provides offline mode and file synchronization technology in its solutions. The client agent software includes on-demand synchronization with a mapped drive, local file caching, endpoint encryption, binary differential uploads, and offline mode with file synchronization for files and folders to be accessed over the Internet.

File Server Synchronization

Gladinet solutions provides file server network folder synchronization and cloud backup to enhance business continuity.
  • Network Shared Folder Synchronization – Synchronize file server network shared folders to cloud file server for remote access and business continuity.
  • Cloud Backup – Cloud backup is a special folder synchronization technology which provides snapshot restore and instant cloud access.

Files and folders migration to the cloud!

Folder synchronization is a natural way to migrate endpoint folders to centralized corporate file servers.

Continue on, file server folder synchronization is a good way to migrate file server network shared folders to private cloud storage services.

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Folder Synchronization Features

Provide additional business continuity features for business.
Offline Editing
Local files can be read and modified when the laptop is not connected.
Version Control
Version control can be used to resolve conflicts with offline editing mode.
Endpoint Backup
Folders from edge device can be backup to central corporate file servers.
Cloud Backup
File server network shared folders can be backup to private cloud storage accounts.
Reverse Synchronization
Files and folders in the cloud can be reverse synchronized down to local as a local backup.
Conflict Detection
Synchronization folder is under version control for conflict detection.
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