File Server Remote Access

Remote Folder Synchronization

Remote folder synchronization connects desktop machines to file servers and from file servers to the private cloud. It is for better offline file access and better business continuity.

Why are you looking for a remote folder sync solution?

  • PERFORMANCE - For employees working from home, synchronizing a subset of work folders to remote devices can speed up local access.
  • MULTI-SITES - If you have distributed teams working from multi-sites, synchronizing folders between local file servers and remote file servers also gives local performance to employees that need access to the folders.
  • CONTINUITY - When businesses synchronize folders on corporate file servers to cloud locations, it serves as a backup to the corporate file server. It also serves as a centralized cloud data repository for secure remote access with local caches.

Remote Offline Editing

Many employees work from home and are likely to stay working from home for an extended period. There are photo libraries and frequently used templates that may not change often but are used daily. Synchronizing a portion of frequently used files and folders to remote devices speeds up file accessing time and increase productivity.

Distributed Teams

If your team works from multiple locations or even from various continents, synchronizing folders between distributed sites helps local employees access files and folders from local file servers and improve productivity. Site-to-Site VPN is another option, but the connectivity issues between sites sometimes can render files and folders inaccessible for employees.

Remote Folder Sync to Cloud

Gladinet solutions allow an organization to provide simple, secure access to company files over the Internet for all their remote file server access, secure file sharing, file synchronization, backup, and collaboration needs.

Folder Synchronization is an essential feature for offline file access, backup, and business continuity.

Remote Folder Synchronization

Gladinet provides desktop folder synchronization with corporate file servers and also provides file server network shares synchronize to private cloud storage for business continuity and for secure easy remote file access.

Seamless Access

Use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to access remote files as if they were on your local desktop.

Version Control

Folder synchronization and version control are working hand-in-hand to provide file integrity.

Offline Editing

Since files in a local synchronization folder are 100% local, the synchronization folder easily supports offline editing.

File accessing outside of corporate network

A mapped network drive is the default file accessing method inside a corporate network. Files and folders are served directly from corporate file servers. Windows desktop machines with group policy setup and active directory security settings have network drives automatically mapped to file server network shares and be available immediately upon a user's login to a Windows workstation.

It is advantageous for mobile workers to read and modify files on their laptops regardless of the network conditions. When they are on the network, the offline files and folders synchronize with the corporate file servers. When they are off the networks, the editing will be kept offline locally on the laptop.

Gladinet provides offline mode and file synchronization technology in its solutions. The client agent software includes on-demand synchronization with a mapped drive, local file caching, endpoint encryption, binary differential uploads, and offline mode with file synchronization for files and folders to be accessed over the Internet.

A File Server Synchronization Case Study

A marketing team needs to get 20GB of data available to 20 remote desktops, and the boss is OK with using a cloud solution. There is a folder of sales resources managed by the marketing team. The file management includes add or remove content. Sales guys can end up offline, so they need offline access. The pain point is that they need to distribute to the sales as a read-only copy that they can't modify or add documents. The prior solution was sync with no controls, and the documents got changed and out of date. The ultimate goal is a solution that can provide read-only capability or permission control in general on top of the remote folder sync.

Remote Folder Sync with Permission Control

Gladinet solutions provide file server network folder synchronization that synchronizes the files and folders and preserves the permission structure on the file servers.

Network Shared Folder Synchronization

Synchronize file server network shared folders to cloud file server for remote access and business continuity.

Mobile Access and Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a unique folder synchronization technology that provides snapshot restore and instant cloud access.

Files and folders migration to the cloud!

Folder Synchronization Features

Folder synchronization is a natural way to migrate endpoint folders to centralized corporate file servers. Secondly, file server folder synchronization is an excellent way to migrate file server network shared folders to private cloud storage services. Folder Synchronization Features Provide additional business continuity features for business.

Drive Mapping

Triofox provides a mapped drive over HTTPS/SSL for seamless file access.

Folder Permissions

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure.

Offline Editing

Local files can be read and modified when the laptop is not connected.

Version Control

Version control can be used to resolve conflicts with offline editing mode.

Link Sharing

Use web links to share files and folders with recipients or to receive files.

Mobile Access

Access files and folders from web browsers and mobile devices.

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