Cloud Storage with Offline Access

Seamless Project Continuity with Reliable Offline Access for Cloud Storage Needs

Our cloud storage ensures seamless offline access to your files, enabling work without interruption, regardless of location or internet availability. It syncs automatically once online, enhancing productivity and minimizing disruptions for businesses seeking true mobility without compromising security.

Imagine never having to pause your workflow again, even when you're offline. Our cloud storage solution offers seamless offline access, ensuring your projects and files are always at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Whether you're flying across continents or facing internet outages, your business doesn't have to hit pause. With our platform, you can access, edit, and save your documents offline, and they'll sync automatically the moment you're back online. It's designed for businesses like yours, aiming to keep productivity high and disruptions low. Experience the freedom of true mobility without sacrificing security or accessibility.


In today's fast-paced world, businesses like yours face the critical challenge of ensuring continuous access to cloud-stored files, especially in scenarios of unreliable internet connectivity. The inability to access and work on files while offline can disrupt workflows, delay project delivery, and potentially lead to lost business opportunities. This challenge is particularly acute for businesses dealing with large volumes of data, where seamless project continuity is non-negotiable.

Unreliable Connectivity

Facing disruptions in workflows due to internet outages or unreliable connections, hindering access to crucial cloud-stored files.

Project Delays

Experiencing delays in project timelines because of sync issues, impacting the ability to meet client deadlines efficiently.

Data Volume Challenges

Managing large volumes of data with current cloud storage solutions can lead to unexpected space reduction and sync issues.

Security and Accessibility

Struggling to meet stringent IT security requirements while ensuring easy file sharing and access, particularly in offline modes.

Familiar with these obstacles? Discover how our cloud storage solution, featuring offline access, transforms these issues into successes.

Existing Solutions and Their Limitations

In the quest for optimal cloud storage solutions, businesses often encounter barriers that impede their operational efficiency and project continuity. While existing platforms like Dropbox, Box, and Google Cloud Storage offer foundational cloud services, they fall short in addressing the nuanced needs of companies requiring robust offline access. These limitations not only disrupt workflows but also pose significant challenges in meeting the stringent security requirements of high-profile clients and managing large volumes of data seamlessly across various devices.

Dropbox Sync Issues

Dropbox users, especially those handling large data volumes, face unexpected storage space reductions and syncing challenges, hindering timely project delivery and client satisfaction.

Box Security Limitations

Box, while popular for cloud storage, struggles to meet the rigorous IT security requirements of entities like Disney and Marvel, limiting its utility for businesses with high-profile clients.

Google Cloud Integration

Google Cloud Storage, despite its vast infrastructure, lacks seamless integration for Mac users and efficient offline sync capabilities, complicating project continuity for a significant user base.

S3 Access Complexity

Direct S3 access presents software errors with large files and offers inadequate offline sync options, showcasing the complexity and unreliability for users needing straightforward, efficient solutions.


Enhance productivity and ensure project continuity with our cloud storage solution, designed for robust offline access. Work on your files anytime, without internet dependency. Our system guarantees data availability, syncing automatically upon reconnection for a smooth transition between offline and online work.

Uninterrupted Access

Gain uninterrupted access to your files, enabling work to continue seamlessly, even in the absence of internet connectivity, ensuring project timelines are met.

Instant Sync

Changes made offline are automatically synced once a connection is re-established, offering a smooth transition and up-to-date files across all devices.

Enhanced Security

Leverage the highest standards of data security, even in offline mode, ensuring your sensitive information is protected at all times.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Benefit from scalable storage solutions that grow with your business needs, without incurring unnecessary costs, thanks to efficient data management and archiving.

Explore the enhancement of your workflow through our cloud storage, featuring offline access, to elevate productivity and security standards.

Embrace seamless project continuity with our cloud storage solution. Discover how offline access can transform your business efficiency.

Deployment Option #1

Hybrid Local File Servers

Gladinet enables seamless file server integration with support for Windows 2016/2019/2022, offering indirect & direct connection options and flexible access.

Deployment Option #2

File Servers with Direct Cloud Access

Gladinet provides a direct file access solution from remote devices and mobile devices.

Unlock seamless work continuity: Access & sync files offline, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Drive Mapping

Drive mapping is an important feature for online file access. End users can easily drag and drop files and folders from a set of mapped drives over the Internet without a VPN connection.

Global File Locking

File locking is a vital feature for online file access and team collaboration to avoid conflicts. End users need to control global concurrent online file access by using file locking to maintain consistency.

Secure Mobile Access

Have you spent many hours troubleshooting VPN connections? Have both your staff and IT support team lost productivity due to downed VPN connections? VPNs are complicated; there is a better way!

How It Works

Our cloud storage solution, featuring offline access, ensures you can manage and access your files seamlessly, even in the absence of an internet connection. Utilizing AWS's robust infrastructure, it provides a scalable, secure, and efficient method to maintain uninterrupted workflow, automatically syncing your changes once connectivity is restored.


Local Caching

Files are cached locally on your device, allowing you to access and work on them offline, ensuring your productivity isn't hampered by internet connectivity issues.


Automatic Sync

Once an internet connection is re-established, any changes made offline are automatically synced to the cloud, ensuring your work is always up-to-date.


Seamless Integration

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow, our solution supports a wide range of file types and sizes, making it perfect for businesses dealing with large volumes of data.


Secure Sharing

Share files securely with team members or freelancers, even in offline mode, enhancing collaboration and project delivery timelines.


AWS Partnership

Our partnership with AWS ensures scalable, cost-effective storage solutions, with the added benefit of offline access, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of your business.

Our Recent Case Studies

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A leading video production company overcame significant cloud storage challenges by partnering with Triofox, enhancing their operational efficiency and collaboration capabilities. Faced with the discontinuation of an unlimited storage plan by their previous provider, they required a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution. Triofox provided a tailored cloud storage solution that optimized storage costs, ensured operational efficiency, and facilitated seamless access and sharing of large video files across various locations. This strategic shift not only preserved their workflow continuity but also positioned them for future growth and success.

Expand Your Digital Horizons

Dive deeper into the future of secure, seamless work. Explore how our solutions in secure file access, ransomware protection, and AWS S3 integration can transform your business into a digital fortress. Unlock the full potential of your cloud storage experience now.

Secure Remote Access

Bypass VPN, Enhance Security, Boost Productivity

Customizable Ransomware Defense

Tailor Settings, Secure Business, Build Trust

Seamless Cloud Integration

Secure, Accessible Data Storage Made Easy

Frequently Asked Questions: All You Need to Know

Yes, with Triofox or CentreStack, you can enable offline access to manage your data even when you're not online. You can download files to your device, make changes or create new content, and as soon as you reconnect to the Internet, the changes will automatically sync to the cloud.

Once you reconnect to the Internet, the syncing process begins automatically. Any changes made offline, including new files or edits, are instantly synced to the cloud, ensuring your work is always up-to-date.

Yes, with Triofox or CentreStack, you can work directly from cloud storage on external drives. This setup requires configuring the client software to sync the cloud storage folder with your external drive, allowing seamless access to your active projects.

To make files accessible offline, use the 'make available offline' option in Triofox or CentreStack. This feature allows you to select which files or folders you want to be accessible, ensuring they're immediately available for offline use.

When you add a large file to the cloud storage, it begins uploading immediately. You can monitor the upload progress through the sync status indicator. The file will be accessible once the upload is complete.

Currently, relocating the cache in Triofox or CentreStack on Mac devices is under development. This feature is expected to be available in future updates to enhance user flexibility.

For large file uploads, Triofox or CentreStack optimizes the process by segmenting the file into smaller pieces during upload, or treating it as a single large piece during download, to ensure efficient data management.

Yes, with Triofox or CentreStack, you can directly move files to deep glacier storage through the interface. While files remain accessible for reference, retrieving them from deep glacier storage will take longer due to its archival nature.


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