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Simple solution for secure access and file sharing based on Amazon S3. iOS app and mobile access included!

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Use Case 1 - Quickbook Reports

Accountants work with Quickbooks and close the books for the month. Quickbook reports are stored on the company's file servers, which in turn are synced to a corporate Amazon S3 bucket. When the CEO receives a notification that the financial report is ready, he opens his Triofox Cloud Drive iPhone app and reads the financial report.

Sharing files and folders from file servers over the Internet

Use Case 2 - House Pictures

A real estate agent toured a house that was about to go on the market and took pictures of the house with his iPhones and iPads. The images were uploaded to Amazon S3, the company's central media repository. Graphic designers at headquarters use a s3 mapped drive and Photoshop to enhance the images of the house with beautiful image presentations before the sale.

Sharing files and folders from file servers over the Internet

Use Case 3 - Reference Libraries

Law firms upload reference libraries to Amazon S3. Lawyers on the go can mark specific library folders as offline favorites, and the reference materials in those offline folders are pre-loaded into the iPhone Triofox Cloud Drive app. When an attorney clicks on a file in the reference library, they can use the standard iPhone viewer or a dedicated iPhone application to view the documents.

Sharing files and folders from file servers over the Internet

iPhone and Amazon S3

You have moved data to Amazon S3 and are looking for an easy way to access that data from your mobile devices, such as an iPhone or iPad. The AWS management console has a web-based file manager. However, it does not offer a mobile S3 application for iOS. Amazon's closest tool is the Amazon S3 Transfer Utility for iOS, a mobile SDK for developers to integrate with their own apps. There are also many other S3 applications for iOS.

So what's different about Triofox? With Triofox, you can access S3 files and folders from iOS devices and share S3 files and folders as web links. You can integrate your on-premises file servers with Amazon S3 and create a hybrid cloud file server to facilitate mobile access to your on-premises file servers.

Sharing files and folders from file servers over the Internet

Use an iPhone in the Workplace

It's important that employees have access to corporate data, some of which now resides in Amazon S3 buckets. Triofox unifies shared data from corporate file servers and Amazon S3 buckets into a distributed file system view. Employees can access these work documents from their iPhones, where they can create, edit, share and view projects created with Microsoft Office, such as PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets.

Use iPhone & S3 for Team Collaboration

Workplace Features for iPhone & S3



Integrates NTFS and folder permissions with files in S3

Active Directory

Active Directory

Uses the employee's Active Directory credentials to log in



Adding comments to files and folders for team collaboration



Notifying team members about file changes

How to Maximize iPhone + S3 Productivity?

Challenges of Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is primarily for independent software vendors (ISVs) to develop business solutions, not for direct use. It's sort of like a hard drive that's not meant for direct use, but as a building block behind a tool like Windows Explorer or a file-sharing platform like a Windows file server. If you use an iPhone to access files from S3, you're probably an end user, not a developer.

Challenges of Amazon S3

Like these features on your iPhone for S3 files?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that provides industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. In the business world, Amazon S3 is approved for enterprise use, while Dropbox is likely banned at the same time. However, as a CIO or leader of the IT team, you would want an iPhone solution that turns Amazon S3 into an enterprise file access solution that is as simple as a Dropbox solution, but keeps the data in the enterprise because of Amazon S3's enterprise features and strengths.


Like these features added to your S3 buckets?

Mobile Editing

Use iPhone applications such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Applications to edit files in S3 and save them back to S3.

Upload to S3

Take photos of real estate or construction projects and store them in a central corporate S3 bucket.

Hybrid File Server

Connect the S3 bucket to corporate on-premises file servers and access network shares of the corporate file server with iPhone.

Offline Favorite

Mark files and folders in the S3 bucket as favorites and access them on demand to complete tasks on an iPhone or iPad.

iPhone S3 Solution

A solution to add the iPhone application, web browser interface, Windows mapped drive, and Mac Finder volume to Amazon S3 buckets and turn Amazon S3 into an enterprise cloud file server solution.

Remote Access

Combines on-premises file servers and Amazon S3 for secure remote access without the need of using a VPN.

Disaster Recovery

Uses Amazon S3 as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history, and audit tracing to ensure business continuity for on-premises file servers.

Mobile Sharing

Uses Amazon S3 storage in the cloud for secure mobile file sharing via a web browser or mobile apps.

Cloud Migration

Sets up a hybrid deployment between on-premises file servers and Amazon S3 storage that can be seamlessly transitioned to AWS only later.

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