Gladinet Cloud
Enterprise Edition

Full featured, secure, file sync and share solution for large groups.

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise Edition allows an organization to provide simple, secure access to online storage for all their backup, synchronization and collaboration needs.

active directory integration diagram

Active Directory Integration

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise uses your existing Active Directory identities and IT infrastructure to create a private sync and share platform.

Cloud Access with Active Directory

  • Import Active Directory Users – Browse Active Directory to import selected users
  • Automatic Configuration – Configure Gladinet to automatically authenticate and add Active Directory users when they first connect
  • Publish Active Directory Home Directories – Users will continue to use their home folders published in Active Directory as their Gladinet home directory

Merge IT Infrastructure with Cloud Storage

  • Simplify Authentication – Users only have to remember their Active Directory credentials for anywhere access
  • Simplify User Management – User management will still be done in Active Directory. Gladinet controls remote access to existing network file resources with existing credentials authenticated by Active Directory
  • Rapid Deployment – Install Gladinet Cloud Enterprise and point it to existing storage and identities to get started quickly