Amazon S3 Share Folder and Files

Share Amazon S3 folders over the Internet and share files online from AWS data centers. Maintain data privacy and control. Turn S3 into your file sharing center with colleagues and business partners.

Unleash the File Sharing Power of AWS S3

Amazon S3, for the most part, is known as the best cloud storage service in the market for its industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Cloud storage is a natural fit for sharing across the Internet as compared to traditional on-premise file servers behind a corporate firewall. However, making S3 folders public may be the only default quick way to share. For those with security in mind, creating AWS IAM users for S3 file sharing sounds too complicated. You need a good solution to unleash the secure file sharing power of AWS S3. 

Share files with co-workers, customers and partners

Sending emails with several attachments was a norm over the years when it comes to sending files to co-workers or business partners. However, share a folder was never easy with email attachments. Sharing large file was impossible and got blocked by email services. With Amazon S3, it is much easier to share files and folders over the Internet since every file and folder has a default "web link" representation. AWS S3 has the building blocks for file sharing and the S3 storage by default is enterprise ready. All that we need is a solution to put-it-together into a nice easy-to-use and yet secure file sharing solution.

Use Case 1 - Files for Accountants 

Accountants works on Quickbooks and need supporting documents from clients to close the books. They create web links represent folders from AWS S3 and send the link to clients that they help with book keeping. Those who received links, with password protection can securely upload documents to their accounts, without the need of sending email attachments or uploading to Dropbox.

Use Case 2 - House Pictures

Real estate agents going out to the houses in the market and take pictures of the house on their iPhones and iPads. The pictures are uploaded to Amazon S3 as the company's centralized media folder. Graphical designers back at the head quarter use a s3 mapped drive and Photoshop to enhance those house pictures before the house is posted for sale with nice picture presentations.

Use Case 3 - Business Analytic

Company needs to share a big folder of data with external data analytic firms for data mining and business intelligence. Instead of uploading tons of data to public sharing sites, the company is using CentreStack hybrid cloud file server to link several file server folders with Amazon S3 and share big folders with external firm securely. When the project is done, the external sharing stops and data stays within the control of the company. 

How to Share Folder with S3?

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S3 Share Folder Solution

A solution that adds iPhone application, web browser interface, Windows mapped drive and Mac Finder volume to Amazon S3 buckets and turn Amazon S3 into a corporate cloud file server solution. 

Remote Access

Combines on-premise file servers and Amazon S3 for secure remote access without the need of using a VPN.

Disaster Recovery

Leverages Amazon S3 as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history and audit tracing to provide business continuity for file servers on-premises.

Mobile Sharing

Uses Amazon S3 storage in the cloud for secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or from mobile applications.

Cloud Migration

Sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and Amazon S3 storage that can be seamlessly converted to AWS only later.

Why adding secure file sharing to AWS S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. In the business world, Amazon S3 is approved for enterprise use while at the same time Dropbox is likely banned.  However, as the CIO or the head of the IT team, you wish there is an private solution that turns Amazon S3 into a corporate file sharing tool as easy as a Dropbox solution would but keeps data in Amazon S3 for its enterprise features and corporate strengths.


Mobile Editing

Using iPhone applications such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Applications to edit files in S3 and save it back to S3.

Upload to S3

Taking pictures of real estates or building projects and save it back to a centralized company-owned S3 bucket.

Hybrid File Server

Connect S3 bucket to corporate on-premise file servers and access corporate file server network shares on iPhone. 

Offline Favorite

Mark files and folders sitting in S3 bucket as favorites and access files and folders on-demand to get jobs done on an iPhone or iPad.



CentreStack integrates with Office 365 for web-based co-editing and co-authoring for files inside the shared folder.

Large Folder

Use Outlook integration to share large folder or files as web links via email.

Link Sharing

Use web links to share files and folders with recipients or to receive files.

Secure Data Room

Web based secure data room allows view-only access with download disabled.




Amazon S3 provides comprehensive security and compliance capabilities that meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements, which is a solid base for secure file sharing.


Cloud security at AWS is the highest priority. AWS data center and network architecture are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.


Secure file sharing solution built on top of Amazon S3 includes many productivity features such as web browser interface and mobile applications with web link sharing and desktop agents. 


The security and compliance of Amazon S3 is assessed by third-party auditors as part of multiple AWS compliance programs, including HIPAA, SOC, PCI DSS and FedRAMP.


The same NTFS permissions that was in place to protect the internal Windows file server files will be the same permission control in place to protect the files in Amazon S3.

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