Team Edition

Gladinet secure file sharing helps you focus on your business.

Gladinet Cloud Team Edition allows an organization to provide simple, secure access to online storage for all their backup, synchronization and collaboration needs.

drive mapping diagram

Drive Mapping

Gladinet provides on-demand synchronization to cloud storage through mapped drives on your Windows or Mac desktop. Desktop Drive

Desktop Drive

  • Seamless Access – Use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to access cloud files as if they were on your desktop
  • High Performance – Files are downloaded on-demand as they are accessed for optimal bandwidth utilization, making the solution ideal for VDI environments
  • Offline Access – Access any file from any location - even when you’re offline

Distributed File Locking

  • File System Integration – Gladinet’s unique file system integration enables automatic locking of files as they are accessed.
  • Consistent Collaboration – Multiple users can use the same file without worrying about inconsistent changes or other corruptions from uncontrolled concurrent access.