Map Amazon S3 as a Network Drive

Map Amazon S3 as a local network drive on Windows and Mac. Easy drive letter access to files and folders inside Amazon S3 buckets, with web browser interface and mobile applications too!

Unleash the Power of Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. This is why you already put files and folders into Amazon S3 and now you are looking for a solution that can mount s3 as a drive and can provide an easy way to access Amazon S3 buckets from the familiar Windows Explorer interface or Mac Finder interface.

Challenges with Amazon S3

Amazon S3, for the most part, is designed for independent software vendors (ISVs) to build business solutions, and not for direct use. There are some other services from Amazon Web Services that are more user friendly, such as the Amazon EC2, and the Amazon Load Balancers, but most other AWS services are meant to be used via API (Application Programming Interface) by ISVs.


Want to add these to S3?

Cloud Mapped Drive

Amazon S3 has a web interface in that can facilitate easy upload and download of files. However, having a local s3 drive letter that has s3 bucket contents mapped to Windows explorer will make it much easier to use files inside S3.

Web Link Sharing 

Adding Active Directory users to share files and folders from within Amazon S3 by turning folders into online shared folders.

Mobile Applications

Make files and folders sitting inside Amazon S3 following you and always be available at your finger tips from iOS and Android devices. 

Yes, Give Me a Local S3 Network Drive!

Accessing shared drives at work is usually based on Windows file server network share and Active Directory, which are very common components of enterprise infrastructure. But when we become road warriors and work-from-home employees, wouldn't it be convenient to have shared online work drives? This is likely you are looking for a mapped S3 local drive in the first place. 

At the same time, you are also seeing Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive with File Stream that are making their ways into business work spaces. Having a solution that includes mapped drive, secure web-based cloud file sharing and mobile application will elevate Amazon S3 from a simple archiving storage solution to a always-on cloud file server solution.   

introducing the incredible

CentreStack Solution

CentreStack adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention and recovery, to file servers on-premises with easy cloud migration to Amazon S3 storage. Mapping Amazon S3 buckets as a network drive is one of the most popular features. 

Remote Access

CentreStack bridges file servers and Amazon S3 storage for secure remote access without the need of using a VPN.

Disaster Recovery

CentreStack leverages Amazon S3 storage as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history and audit tracing to provide business continuity for file servers on-premises.

Mobile Sharing

CentreStack uses Amazon S3 storage for secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or from a mobile application.

Cloud Migration

CentreStack sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and Amazon S3 storage that can be seamlessly converted to AWS only.

Amazon S3 Drive Feature Highlights

CentreStack combines the security strengths of local IT infrastructure (such as Active Directory) and the mobility strengths from Amazon S3 cloud storage to provide the best of both worlds – security and control of local file servers combined with the efficiency and productivity gains of Amazon S3 cloud.


Amazon S3 Drive Mapping

Remotely access Amazon S3 files and folders from a mapped local drive within Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

On-Demand Synchronization

Browse folder structures inside Amazon S3 without actually downloading files until users generate active-use intent, such as double click on a file inside the local s3 drive.

File Locking

When Amazon S3 is used in a team setting, files can be locked to prevent files being over-written by team members.

Offline Folder

Mark frequently used files and folders as favorites for offline access.


Active Directory

Preserve NTFS permissions and Active Directory identities when connecting file servers to Amazon S3.

Synchronization Folder

Local folders sitting on user's desktop or laptop machines can be synchronized to Amazon S3 for protection.

Office 365 Sharing

Files and folders can be accessed and shared from web browsers and integrate with Office 365 for direct web-based editing.

Parallel Transfer

The local S3 drive provides multiple upload and download threads under the hood to speed up transferring speed to S3 buckets.


S3 Drive Benefits

Do more with Amazon S3 files and folders in business!


With a laptop and an amazon s3 drive feature, you can enable your mobile workforce to collaborate on files and folders directly from Amazon S3 buckets.


The Amazon S3 drive feature is integrated with Active Directory and other IT infrastructure to provide 2-factor authentication and single-sign on protections.


A S3 local drive is much easier to transfer files and folders via drag and drop from within Windows Explorer. Double clicking on a file to start editing is also much more productive.

Team Work

The S3 local mapped drive feature also comes with file locking, offline-folder support, conflict detection and version control. All these features were designed to support team collaboration.

Business Continuity

The S3 network drive feature also comes with folder synchronization and cloud backup. These features enhance business continuity for your work.

Ready to boost mobile productivity with the AWS S3 Network Drive solution and enable remote workforce today?