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Unlock the full potential of your existing file servers for advanced and secure collaboration in manufacturing. Triofox bridges the gap, allowing controlled collaboration between data silos across departments, suppliers, and external contractors. Say goodbye to Active Directory headaches and hello to robust security, traceability, and real-time access - anytime, anywhere.

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Triofox has revolutionized the way our office works remotely. It's a must-have in the pandemic era.

Bridging the Gap:
Controlling Collaboration Between Data Silos

In industries like manufacturing, where multiple subdivisions work on various aspects of complex projects, the need for controlled collaboration between isolated data domains is critical. For instance, consider a manufacturing conglomerate involved in creating motorcycles. One subdivision might be responsible for designing and producing specific components like the motorcycle's body, while a sister subdivision could be working on the engine components. These subdivisions are, in essence, isolated data silos, each with their unique IT governance models, domain identities, and geographies.

Challenges of AWS

Pain Points from Collaboration Between Data Silos


Shared Credentials, Amplified Risks

As a result of the isolated nature of these subdivisions, companies often resort to using shared credentials for accessing resources across divisions. This opens up a plethora of security risks, including unauthorized data access and difficulty in auditing data changes.


Data Sprawl and Transfer Inefficiency

Even if secure, collaboration between these isolated data silos often results in data duplication and inefficient data transfer, leading to increased costs and reduced operational efficiency.

How Triofox Addresses These Challenges

Triofox emerges as a comprehensive solution to these pain points, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturing industries.

Windows Integration

Triofox smoothly integrates with existing Windows environments, including Windows Active Directory, offering a user experience that staff already understand.

 External User Management

For those external to the company, like suppliers or contractors, Triofox simplifies user creation and management outside the complicated AD realm.

Effortless Drive Mapping

Open your laptop lid and voila! Your drive is mapped and ready. Experience drive mapping in the most simplified and hassle-free way with Triofox.

Efficient Data Transfer

Triofox enables domain-based access that is private, secure, and controlled but flexible enough to easily handle the needs of a dynamic external workforce.

Web Browser Access

Unlock browser-based freedom! With Triofox, access your file server data anytime, anywhere, right from your web browser.

Mobile Application Access

Go mobile without compromise! Access and edit your files on-the-go directly from your mobile device with Triofox’s intuitive mobile apps.

Seamlessly Bridge On-Premise Operations and External Users: Triofox, Your Solution for Secure, Controlled Collaboration in Manufacturing.

Effortless Setup, Immediate Results:
How It Works

Adapting to a powerful solution should be as straightforward as it is transformative. With Triofox, you’re up and running almost instantly, experiencing immediate advantages such as streamlined manufacturing processes, secure file-sharing across subdivisions, and real-time collaboration between engineers and suppliers. This is more than just a quick fix; it's a long-term strategy for manufacturing excellence. Triofox effortlessly blends in-depth security measures with user-friendly interfaces, all while enabling seamless integration with your existing Windows infrastructure.

1. Quick & Secure Initial Setup

Deploy the Triofox server either on-premises or within your existing Windows infrastructure. This quick start doesn't just accelerate your project timelines; it also ensures that your data remains secure and compatible with existing IT governance models, eliminating the need for complex, third-party setups.

2. Streamlined Configuration for Controlled Collaboration

Utilize our user-friendly dashboard to connect Triofox to your internal file servers and existing domain identities. This streamlined configuration provides the foundation for controlled collaboration between data silos, allowing engineers, suppliers, and external partners to securely share and modify files while maintaining distinct domain identities and compliance requirements.

3. Tailored User Onboarding

Choose the onboarding process that suits your operation best. Whether deployed by IT through centralized systems management tools or individually downloaded by end-users, setting up the Triofox agent is a simplified process. This flexibility enables you to adapt to the specific access needs of varied subdivisions, be it an engine component team in one geography or a motorcycle assembly team in another.

triofox architecture diagram

Triofox: How different components connect together

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know about Triofox for Manufacturing

Triofox is a file server mobilization platform designed to eliminate the challenges of controlled collaboration between data silos. In manufacturing, where secure, yet efficient collaboration is paramount, Triofox ensures that internal and external team members can safely access and share files.

Triofox provides a seamless interface between your internal file servers and external user environments. This allows you to maintain your existing IT governance model while enabling secure file sharing and real-time collaboration among different divisions, suppliers, and external partners.

Triofox offers auditing, reporting, and ransomware protection. These features help you monitor who is accessing your data and from where, giving you full control over your sensitive information. No more shared credentials for accessing resources across divisions.

Very easy. Triofox is designed to work smoothly with your internal file servers and existing domain identities. Our user-friendly dashboard facilitates the entire setup process, making it a matter of clicks to integrate Triofox into your existing ecosystem.

Whether through centralized deployment by system administrators or end-user downloads via the web portal, Triofox provides a straightforward process for user onboarding. The platform is tailored to fit your organization's specific needs.

Triofox requires an internet connection for remote access and file sharing between different parties. However, once files are downloaded, they can be accessed offline.

Triofox streamlines data transfer and reduces data sprawl by providing a single point of access for all your file storage needs. This eliminates the inefficiencies related to VPNs and FTPs, making your data transfers faster and more secure.

Yes, we provide comprehensive support for both the POC setup and ongoing maintenance of your Triofox platform. You can reach out to us through various channels for timely assistance.

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