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Navigate the complexities of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry with Gladinet, your trusted partner for scalable file server mobilization. Simplify cross-stakeholder collaboration and effortlessly manage a geographically dispersed workforce. Deliver unparalleled performance for remote workers using AutoCAD and other 3D rendering applications. Relish robust data security and compliance, offering peace of mind for CIOs, project managers, and business leaders.

Join the growing network of organizations that have found a unique path to file server mobilization. See why our approach is resonating across various industries.

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Kris Hardin

Being in the construction industry most of our employees work remote. Triofox allows them to have a near in office experience with the desktop client. This has allowed for quicker and increased access to network resources and increase in productivity at job sites all with just an internet connection.

Kris Hardin
IT Director, Pogue Construction
Keep your files on-premises. Move to the cloud when you’re ready.

Are You Wrestling with Growing Pains in Your AEC Business?

As your business evolves—through mergers, geographic expansion, or remote workforce adaptation—the challenges scale with you. Central to these challenges is your Project Data Infrastructure (PDI). It's not just about storing data; it's about effective project management, seamless team collaboration, and real-time insights for every project phase. Do these growing pains resonate with you?

Say farewell to complicated data management and VPN struggles. With Gladinet, transform your existing file servers into an agile, private cloud environment. Experience seamless collaboration and content management in a unified workspace tailored for remote users. Our innovative access layer eradicates VPN woes, fortifies compliance, and protects your network from remote access vulnerabilities. We're not just moving you to the cloud; we're elevating your business growth through smart, secure, and efficient data management.

Keep your files on-premises. Move to the cloud when you’re ready.

Turn Your Challenges into Opportunities with Gladinet

Performance is Everything!

In a field demanding high performance like design and architecture, conventional methods like peer-to-peer synchronization and VDI are fast becoming obsolete. Triofox changes the game. Utilizing HTTPS for secure data transfers, we remove the need for VPNs and automate tedious tasks like file locking and local caching. This empowers designers to focus on what they do best—opening, editing, and saving 3D files effortlessly. Once local edits and rendering are complete, changes are securely synced back to your central file server. This process maximizes local storage and computing resources while minimizing data chatter with remote servers.

Deploy Triofox, and you'll experience a paradigm shift in how you manage your file servers. Within an hour, your existing servers evolve into a collaborative, cloud-like environment without the pain of data migration. This enables real-time decision-making at job sites and promotes frictionless sharing of essential project files across your organization. With Triofox, you don't just meet performance expectations—you vastly exceed them, turning challenges into streamlined workflows and efficient operations.

AutoCAD Cloud Drive
AutoCAD Cloud Drive

Why Choose Us /
Key Differentiators

In an ever-competitive market, what sets Triofox apart is our unparalleled ability to deliver a new generation of Project Data Infrastructure (PDI) that directly addresses your pain points. We offer these four cornerstone benefits:

Business Continuity & Efficiency

Experience uninterrupted project workflows and faster project timelines, eliminating costly delays.

Robust Data Security

Safeguard your sensitive project information with our state-of-the-art security measures, giving you peace of mind.

Scalability & Ease of Access

Easily onboard new engineers and projects while ensuring hassle-free access to project data, no matter where you are.

Remote Work Enablement

Achieve a seamless remote working environment with centralized data storage, eliminating the need for cumbersome VPNs and facilitating real-time decision-making.

From PDI to a Strong Digital Foundation

Empowering your designers for remote work is just the beginning. We view Project Data Infrastructure (PDI) as an integral part of your broader digital foundation, which extends to include file sharing with external partners, graphical design support, and more. By elevating the role of PDI, you're not just solving immediate challenges—you're building a robust digital foundation that streamlines your entire operation.

Streamlined Document Management: No More Email Chaos

Forget about losing track of important bid requests or attachments. Our platform allows for centralized, easily accessible storage that keeps your projects and partnerships in perfect harmony. This is digital foundation and PDI working in tandem for you.

tired of digging through emails to find bid requests and other attachments
Need to simplify change management for multiple projects

Unified Change Management: One Version of the Truth

Our centralized repository eliminates the headaches associated with managing multiple versions of important files across different locations. It's not just good PDI; it's a key piece of your comprehensive digital foundation.

Overcome Connectivity Challenges: Anytime, Anywhere Access

With our solution, job sites need no longer suffer from limited network access. Files sync to mobile devices for offline access and automatically update upon reconnection, thereby enriching both your PDI and broader digital foundation.

Does limited network access impact your job site productivity?
Tired of wasting time waiting for files to sync to the cloud?

Bypass VPN Bottlenecks: Efficient Local File Caching

When VPN connections bottleneck your job site's productivity, our system steps in. By caching files locally, we reduce reliance on slow VPNs. Only essential changes sync back, allowing your team to focus on the work at hand without delay. This is a fundamental aspect of a strong digital foundation.

Secure Your Business: Controlled Access, Total Compliance

Inadequate access controls can compromise both your PDI and digital foundation. We offer advanced auditing tools and access controls to ensure that your sensitive data is secure, compliant, and accessible only by authorized personnel.

Need to control access rights for sensitive data?

Additional Benefits

Beyond combining Dropbox-style mobility features and Windows file server security, Gladinet has numerous features to meet enterprise needs.

Secure File Sharing

Sharing files out to partners or receiving files from partners is comfortable with web links.


Full support for file locking from the cloud. Encrypt remote agent caches or revoke remote agent access privileges from a central management console.

VPN Replacements

An alternative for one or more of the following: VPN, DFS, FTP, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, ShareFile, Anchor, Egnyte, etc.

Centralized Control

Combines NTFS permissions, Active Directory users, and drive mappings. Advanced reports and usage audits on file-sharing activity from a centralized management console.

Simple Remote Access

Simplified remote access from iOS/AndroidPC/Mac/Windows Phone/Windows RT mobile devices. From any location, with any device.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate management costs of servers and VPNs. Avoid the cost of manual files and folders replication or recreation of NTFS permissions.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates into current file-based enterprise networks and work-flow environments.

Flexible and Easy Setup

Choose different implementations based on your own needs. Easy process to set up.

Ready to boost mobile productivity and enable workforce to work from home today?