Data Centralization in Real Estate

Do you use terminal services and remote desktops for some applications?
But at the same time, use Dropbox and Office 365 for file-sharing services?
Did you find multiple versions of files and folders scattered across various locations?
Are you looking for data centralization and unification?

Real-life case study

File Server Migration without Limits

A real estate company used terminal services to facilitate remote desktop into CAD applications to create and edit CAD drawings. The company needed to share generated files to external parties and employed multiple file-sharing services such as Dropbox and Office365. They struggle with the speed and sync issues (VPN is well known for its connectivity issues, and DFS is quite prone to sync challenges). They also faced data sprawl as multiple versions of files and folders scattered across various servers and client locations.

  • Pain #1 - Users struggle to find the latest copies of files due to scattered versions.
  • Pain #2 - Administrators find it hard to control access and maintain consistency in data distribution.
  • Pain #3 - There is the ever-present possibility of company data falling into the wrong hands.
  • Pain #4 - Because multiple construction locations are involved, delay in file discovery leads to issues.
  • Pain #5 - When migration complexities arise, it becomes difficult for the company to handle it internally.
Is Your Remote Work Efficient? Is Your Remote Work Efficient? Is Your Remote Work Efficient?

Is Your Remote Work Efficient?

Since the growing trend of remote working caused by the COVID pandemic, companies have found ways to navigate the operation switch of working primarily in an online environment.

While the execution turned out great for some industries, it is not feasible in all organizations. Real estate companies into construction as its core, in particular, have engineers, designers, and architects who rely mainly on heavy-duty applications which require hardware with certain specifications. Sure, there are several ways to get around remote working, the most convenient being setting up a remote desktop protocol (RDP) or virtual private network (VPN).Still, there's also the consequence of sending a large file over low bandwidth, high latency link.

The issue of data sharing is not unique to the real estate industry. Businesses in various sectors are faced with the problem of managing data across multiple locations. And the only viable solution is a centralized platform for data monitoring and access, one not encumbered by the network problems of VPN or synchronization issues of DFS.

Are you looking for Data Centralization?

Unified Data Access and File Sharing

Gladinet provides a single mapped drive, which allows users centralized access to data. ​It eliminates other cloud file hosting platforms' scalability limitations, and its advanced mapped drive features ensure data control and security. ​Other noteworthy features include:

Mapped Drive

Mapped drive over the HTTPS channel to the corporate file server is a crucial feature. Employees are familiar with a mapped drive, and no additional training is required.

Active Directory

Corporate users already have corporate identities in Active Directory and related Active Directory federation service and SAML single-sign-on. They don't need yet another set of credentials to access a file-sharing solution.

File Locking

Most of the file-sharing solutions offer manual file locking in the forms of "file check-in" and "check out." Gladinet provides automatic file locking by detecting file opening requests. When Microsoft Word opens a file, the file locking process will be initiated automatically and finished automatically when the file editing finishes.

File Permissions

Finally, the ability to integrate with Active Directory and NTFS permission makes it so much easier for system administrators to set up the permission control. The permission features make the Gladinet solution stands out among its peers.

Cloud Drive Mapping

Cloud Drive Mapping

Drive Mapping is an essential feature for online file access. It is easy for end-users to access files and folders over the Internet from within a mapped drive with drag and drop capabilities.

Global File Locking

Global File Locking

File Locking is a vital feature for online file access and team collaboration to eliminate conflicts. End-users need to control global concurrent online access to files by using file locking to maintain consistency.

Secure Mobile Access

Secure Mobile Access

Did you spend many hours troubleshooting VPN links? Did both your employees and the IT support team lose productivity due to down VPN links? VPNs are complicated; there is a better way!

How does data centralization work?

See below the three different components of a data centralization and unification solution.


File Server Cloud Enablement

The first step in data centralization and unification is to put your file servers at the center of your data storage and add cloud mobility features on the top.


Web Access & File Sharing

The second step is to add web-based file access and mobile application file sharing features to your file servers while preserving drive mapping and file locking features.


Data Control & Management

The final step is to add auditing and reporting tools and allow system administrators and business owners to track external shares and user activities.

How does data centralization work?

How to get started?

Gladinet solutions are easy to install and configure. One of our partners or we are here to assist with the setup.

Install Software

Run the Software installer on a clean Windows Server, and the installer will install all dependency components. Basic setup and configuration require only a few minutes. A reboot is required after the installation.

Configure File Server Shares

Enable Active Directory integration and file server discovery. You can then publish file server network shares to Active Directory users for secure, remote, and mobile access.

Professional Services

You can use the Gladinet professional services team for setup, configuration, and training or work directly with one of our authorized partners. Click here to find a list of our trusted partners.

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