Mount Google Cloud Storage as a Network Drive

Mount Google Cloud Storage as a local network drive on Windows and Mac. Easy drive letter access to files and folders in Google Cloud Storage, with web browser interface and mobile applications too!

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Migration Strategy for Google Storage

Triofox offers you a better cloud migration strategy from traditional file servers to Google Cloud Storage. It lets you synchronize network file shares with Google Cloud Storage and mount Google Cloud Storage as a local drive to provide mapped drives for simplified remote access. The Triofox Windows client can also back up local folders to Google Cloud Storage to ensure business continuity.

Challenges with Google Cloud Storage

Among the three major public cloud storage services, Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 API has more developer support as it came to the market first. Google Cloud Storage came to market later than Amazon S3, but it supports Amazon S3-compatible API, so most developer tools can be easily recompiled with a different API endpoint to support Google Cloud Storage.

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Triofox Solution

Triofox is more of a business solution than a simple tool for Google Cloud Storage. With the Triofox solution, local file server shares can be migrated incrementally to Google Cloud Storage while providing secure remote access to file shares and also enabling cloud file sharing on top of the Google Cloud Storage. Eventually, it becomes a hybrid cloud file server solution built on top of Google Cloud Storage.

Remote Access

Triofox bridges file servers and Google Cloud Storage for secure remote access without using a VPN.

Disaster Recovery

Triofox uses Google Cloud Storage as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history and audit tracing to ensure business continuity for on-premises file servers.

Mobile Sharing

Triofox uses Google Cloud Storage for secure mobile file sharing via a web browser or mobile app.

Cloud Migration

Triofox sets up a hybrid deployment between on-premises file servers and Google Cloud Storage that can be seamlessly transitioned to Google Cloud only.

Google Cloud Storage Mapped Drive Highlights

Triofox provides a mapped drive letter for end users to easily and seamlessly access Google Cloud Storage. It is not only suitable for a single user, but also for a team of collaborators working together on a set of shared folders and files.

Map Google Cloud Storage

Remote access to files in Google Cloud Storage from a mapped drive letter without requiring a VPN. Mobile apps included!

On-Demand Synchronization

Minimize storage and bandwidth consumption by automatically syncing and caching only the files you need.

End-point Protection

Frequently used files are stored locally in an encrypted cache. On the one hand, this is fast for local access. On the other hand, it is also secure.

Offline Access

Access shared files and folders in an offline mode detached from the Internet and synchronize them when you are back online.

Folder Permissions

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure or inherit from NTFS permissions directly.

Secure Data Room

A web-based secure data room allows view-only access to shared folders with download disabled.

Active Directory

From internal Active Directory users to external clients and partners, you can define user rights for folder sharing.

Version Control

Triofox adds version control and file protection from Google Cloud Storage to the local file server.


Google Cloud Storage + Mapped Drive = Productivity!

Secure Access

Attach local file server folders to your Triofox server to enable remote access. The original network shares remain accessible over the local area network and are also synchronized with Google Cloud Storage for remote access.

Mobile Sharing

Files and folders in Google Cloud Storage are much more easily accessible through a web browser interface and through mobile apps on iOS and Android devices. Mobile file sharing with internal employees or external partners made easy!

Global Workspace

Create a global namespace directory structure that unifies different file servers into a single folder structure, enabling cross-site collaboration with a distributed cloud file system backed by Google Cloud Storage for multiple branch offices.

Disaster Recovery

Google Cloud Storage and local drive can support each other as backup. With features for cloud backup, version control, audit trace, retention policies, and file change logs, creating a business continuity solution with Google Cloud Storage is easy.

Server in the Cloud

You can also take advantage of these features by using an existing file servers from Google Cloud Virtual Machines as a private cloud or combining it with Google Cloud Storage services.

Problems Solved with the Following Two Deployment Options

There are two products that can help. CentreStack installs agent software on your file server for file server integration and cloud enablement, while Triofox directly mounts your file server's network share into Triofox when direct access is available. It intelligently manages local and cloud storage together to provide a range of cloud enablement options.

Most importantly, Active Directory security and the NTFS permission model are maintained as if they had never been changed. Drive mapping functionality is retained so that end users have a familiar mapped drive letter for accessing files from remote locations and Google Cloud Storage. File locking is also maintained for multiple users working on the same file at the same time.

Network shares from file servers are synchronized with Google Cloud Storage to provide a secure access solution for mapped Windows drives, volumes mounted in Mac Finder, and iOS and Android apps.

Deployment Option #1:
Hybrid Local File Servers with Google Cloud Storage

Local file server and Google Cloud Storage synchronize with each other for business continuity and easy cloud migration.

Install CentreStack File Server Agent on the file server that will migrate to Google over time. Supports Windows 2016/2019/2022 (32-bit/64-bit).

Deployment Option #2:
File Servers with Direct Cloud Access

Access Google Cloud Storage or file server network shares directly with Triofox fronting the storage services with HTTPS

If you have already migrated local file server data to the Google data center, Triofox provides a solution for direct file access from remote devices and mobile devices.

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