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In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, the right file sharing solution is critical to business continuity and security. If you are looking for an alternative to Seafile Server for Windows, you have landed on the right page. Triofox offers a seamless, self-hosted file sharing solution tailored to modern organizations working with a technical Windows stack.

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Embark on a journey to better data management and security with Triofox. Our proven track record with major customers underscores our ability to meet various data storage needs. Learn more about our solutions today and switch to a better, self-hosted file-sharing solution built for the modern Windows tech stack.

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The ability to provide on-premises file server access while meeting stringent security and data sovereignty requirements has made Triofox a preferred choice among industry professionals.

Finding a reliable, self-hosted file sharing solution

After discontinuing Seafile Server for Windows, a nimble Singapore-based trading company faced a daunting task: find a new, self-hosted file-sharing solution that would be compatible with the recent transition to Windows Server 2022. The task was assigned to the IT consultant, who embarked on a thorough search, examining 30-40 systems. The search culminated in the discovery of Triofox, a solution that not only integrates seamlessly with Windows, but also enhances data security - an important consideration given the sensitive financial data the company works with. Switching to Triofox provided not only a solution to immediate operational obstacles, but also a scalable ally ready for expansion to additional systems. With a robust file-sharing mechanism, the company is now able to operate seamlessly and tell a story of triumph over a critical infrastructure challenge - all thanks to Triofox's impeccable customization to the company's unique requirements.

Sharing files and folders from file servers over the Internet

Addressing the Challenges:

This scenario reflects a common challenge many face - finding a reliable, self-hosted file sharing solution after support for Seafile Server on Windows is discontinued. Learn how Triofox overcomes such challenges here:


Continued Support

Unlike Seafile, Triofox continues to provide robust support for Windows Server platforms, ensuring that your business operations are not interrupted.


Data Security and Compliance

Handling sensitive financial data requires a system that adheres to strict security and compliance standards. These aspects were at the forefront of Triofox's development.


Ease of Transition

Switching to Triofox is a breeze, with comprehensive support to guide you through every step of the process and ensure a smooth migration from Seafile or other file sharing systems.

There's a better way to share files and retain control over data ownership.

Why Triofox

Triofox was developed with a pure Windows technical stack, making it the ideal solution for companies that want to upgrade from Seafile Server on their Windows Server 2022 platforms. These are the reasons why Triofox is so special:

Windows Compatibility

Windows Compatibility

Seamless integration with Windows Server 2022 ensures that you can maintain your existing infrastructure while upgrading your file sharing capabilities.

Self-Hosted File Sharing

Self-Hosted File Sharing

Become a Cloud Service Provider by providing your users a Dropbox alternative that lets you maintain control over their data while reducing costs by 50-80%. At the same time, move file servers to your data center and provide a business continuity solution for your companies.

Compliance & Security

File Server Migration

Bring your file server experience to the cloud by leveraging existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory permissions with familiar mapped drive and file locking behaviors. Your file server will sync with the cloud and provide the same experience to the end user.

The Self-Hosted Superiority of Triofox

In a landscape full of file synchronization and sharing products, Triofox stands out because it extends the capabilities of your file server, not replaces them. Built from the ground up to strengthen and extend your existing systems, Triofox offers unparalleled control over permissions, drive mapping and file locking - features often overlooked by other solutions.

Data Ownership

Empower your organization with Triofox by leveraging your existing file servers and Active Directory. Set up a file sharing solution that ensures your organization retains clear ownership of data within your existing IT infrastructure.

Ensure Compliance

With Triofox, the path to compliance becomes clearer. Our self-hosted solution simplifies the implementation of data protection, retention and audit policies that align with regulatory standards. The role of your file server as a central data repository enables effortless extension of current audit workflows.

Guarding Data Privacy

Triofox strengthens your data privacy strategy by building on the foundation of your current file server system. It provides secure, HTTPS-based access and web link sharing, extends the traditional VPN model and offers more flexible, secure file server capabilities.

Streamlined Data Management

With Triofox, data management becomes a breeze as your file server becomes the stable backbone of a self-hosted file sharing platform. This continuity allows you to leverage existing identity providers and lifecycle management policies without adding complexity.

Robust Data Control

With Triofox, the established Active Directory infrastructure remains the foundation for file access and authentication. The integration supports federation, SAML single sign-on and continues to enforce NTFS permissions for uncompromised file security and access control.

Collaboration Features

Collaboration Features

Team Folders from Cloud Network Shares

Turn traditional file server network shares into dynamic team folders. These cloud-enabled shared spaces enable real-time collaboration that can be accessed directly from anywhere without having to change the way you work.

Seamless Remote Drive Mapping

Access files stored in the cloud directly from Windows Explorer with a dedicated drive letter, just as you would with local files. Thank you to this familiar interface, you do not need to familiarise yourself with remote file access.

Improved Global File Locking

Ensure the integrity of documents when collaborating. With Triofox, every file opened by a user is locked to prevent conflicting changes and promote a harmonious and efficient team workflow.

Compliance Features

Compliance Features

Optimized Active Directory integration

Integrate Triofox with your existing Active Directory for both local and remote file servers. This simple integration supports the continuity of user management and access control in your network.

Detailed Audit and History Reports

Keep accurate records of all file-related actions and management tasks. Triofox's reporting tools make it easy to track usage, changes and access patterns, facilitating compliance and monitoring.

Reliable Data Protection

Secure your data with state-of-the-art encryption in transit and at rest. Triofox's protection features ensure your information remains protected and leverages your existing user permissions for greater security without additional complicated settings.

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