OpenStack Swift

Quickly set up a secure file sharing solution using OpenStack Swift, with file server cloud enablement and remote file access features. Mobilize your employees to work efficiently from home.

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Centralized Cloud File Server Solution

As more companies move to work from home in times of crisis, employees need reliable and efficient ways to access the company's file servers and continue to collaborate on files as if they were still in the office.

OpenStack Swift is a reliable and scalable cloud storage service. Together with Gladinet, it becomes a secure file sharing solution with file server cloud enablement.

What is OpenStack Swift

OpenStack Swift is the object storage service in the OpenStack private cloud deployment. It is designed to simplify web-scale computing for developers, especially in the area of object storage.

OpenStack Swift has a simple web services interface that allows you to store and retrieve any amount of data, anytime, from anywhere on the web. Any developer can access the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, and cost-effective data storage infrastructure through the OpenStack Swift APIs. The service aims to maximize the benefits of scale and pass those benefits on to developers.

What Does it Mean to You?

You want to take advantage of a self-hosted private cloud for your business in a data center of your choice and provide infrastructure for employees to work from home, but you do not want to write code to take advantage of the raw OpenStack Swift API interface. You need to find an application that is already integrated with OpenStack Swift and ready to go.

An analogy: OpenStack Swift is like hard drives in a computer that are difficult to use without the Windows file server software that resides on the hard drives. Gladinet can turn OpenStack Swift into a secure file-sharing service by layering software components on top of the underlying OpenStack Swift services.

Gladinet's secure file sharing solution includes file server cloud enablement, remote file access, version control, drive mapping, file locking and data protection. It is a file server application over the Internet.

OpenStack Swift for Secure File Sharing

Migrate file servers to OpenStack private cloud for remote access, secure file sharing and data protection!

Secure Access & File Sharing

Gladinet bridges file servers and OpenStack for secure remote access and file sharing.

Data Protection

Gladinet leverages OpenStack as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history, and audit tracing to provide business continuity for on-premises file servers.

Easy Cloud Migration

Gladinet sets up a hybrid deployment between on-premises file servers and OpenStack that can be seamlessly transformed into a OpenStack private cloud only solution.

Files and folders over the Internet

For remote mobile workers, drive mapping and file locking are the two basic features for accessing files and folders over the Internet.

Gladinet solutions come with desktop agents that can map a network drive to the underlying OpenStack Swift service, with file locking feature.

In addition, Gladinet's mapped drive has many advanced features. These features include local file caching, resuming transfer errors and survive Internet glitches, version control and conflict detection, endpoint encryption and protection, and more.

Secure File Sharing Features

The Gladinet solution has a remote mapped drive and these advanced features that make it user-friendly and enjoyable to use over the Internet.

Web Link

Sharing files and folders via web links.

Outlook Integration

Send email attachments as web links.

Reliable Transfer

For lengthy file transfers to survive Internet interruptions.

Endpoint Encryption

Encrypt files that are in the local cache.

Version Control

Changes to files are kept as old revisions in case they are useful in the future.

Conflict Detection

When employees go offline and continue to modify files, the source version of the change is recorded for later comparison.


Make it easier for your teams to successfully collaborate with customers:

Outlook Integration

Instead of sending files as Outlook attachments, files and folders can be shared as links via Outlook.

Send Large Files

Improve performance when transferring large files by sending only the changes that were made instead of synchronizing the entire file.

Share Files and Folders

Files and folders can be turned into web links and accessed via web browsers or any mobile client.

Receive Files and Folders

Web links can be created for web browser-based upload to receive files and folders.

Advanced Sharing

Policies such as expiration dates and read/write permissions can be attached to file sharing.

Desktop Integration

File sharing can be as simple as right-clicking on a file in Windows Explorer.


Secure Data Room

Shared folders have optional secure data room features to enable view-only permissions that disable downloads.

Granular Folder

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure.

Domain Control

The destination email domain is one of the whitelist parameters that control who can receive file sharing invitations.

IP Address Control

The destination IP address is another parameter that can be used to control who can be the recipient of a file share action.



Integrates with Office365 to take advantage of built-in co-editing features.


Keep track of important changes and events in the system.


Audit Trace and History

Maintain compliance and control by keeping track of all management tasks and activities.

File-Sharing Reports

Keep track of all file-sharing activities. For example, it's easy to see who is sharing what with whom.

Triofox and OpenStack Swift Combined

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