Drive Mapping
with Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Gladinet Cloud Desktop was the very first product released back in 2009 to map Google drive, Microsoft SkyDrive (OneDrive), Amazon S3 and etc. cloud storage services to desktop machines as a drive letter for easy access and backup.

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Gladinet solutions allow an organization to provide simple, secure access to company files over the Internet for all their remote file server access, secure file sharing, file synchronization, backup, and collaboration needs.

Drive Mapping is a very important feature for online file access since most users prefer to have a desktop drive letter for their cloud storage access.

Sharing files and folders from file servers over the Internet

Cloud Drive Mapping

Gladinet provides a drive letter mapping to the files and folders an employee has access to. The drive mapper is available without the need of using a VPN.

  • Seamless Access – Use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to access remote files as if they were on your local desktop.
  • Automatic Locks – Files are automatically locked when edited.
  • Lock Management – Locks are intelligently managed across online and offline scenarios with fail-safe algorithms.
Cloud Drive Mapping

Mapped drives outside of corporate network

Mapped network drive is the default file accessing method inside a corporate's network. Files and folders are served directly from corporate file servers. Windows desktop machines with group policy setup and active directory security settings have network drives automatically mapped to file server network shares and be available immediately upon a user's login to a Windows workstation.

With cloud storage becoming popular and the access methods extended to remote file access over the Internet, it is also very natural to extend the drive mapping technology from internal network to include cloud storage services and online file access.

Gladinet provides advanced drive mapping technology in its solutions. The mapped drive includes on-demand synchronization, local file caching, endpoint encryption, binary differential uploads, and other optimizations for files and folders to be accessed over the Internet.

Distributed File Locking

Gladinet controls global concurrent access to files by using file locking to maintain consistency.

  • Configure Concurrent Access – Define default locking behaviors in your environment. File locking can be exclusive to prevent concurrent access or shared to allow access after notification of locked status.
  • Consistent Collaboration – Multiple users can use the same file without worrying about inconsistent changes or other corruptions from uncontrolled concurrent access.
Distributed File Locking

Files and folders over the Internet - Better than WebDAV!

Drive mapping and file locking are the two basic features for accessing files and folders over the Internet.

However, WebDAV has these basic features too. For example, WebDAV has been used in the past to map a drive over the Internet but WebDAV is not a good solution. Pretty much everyone used WebDAV knows WebDAV is not for serious use for files over the Internet.

Above and beyond these two basic features, Gladinet's mapped drive also comes with many advanced features. These features include local file caching, resuming transfer errors and survive Internet glitches, version control and conflict detection, endpoint encryption and protection and other features.

Mapped Drive Advanced Features

A remote mapped drive needs these advanced features to make it user friendly and pleasant to use over the Internet.

  • Local Caching – Local caching can speed up user's file accessing speed by keeping unchanged files on the local disk.
  • Reliable Transfer – For lengthy file transfers to survive Internet glitches.
  • Endpoint Encryption – Encrypt files sitting in the local cache.
  • Binary Differential – Binary differential upload can speed up upload by detecting portions of the file that is changed.
  • Version Control – Modifications to files are kept as old revisions in case they will be useful in the future.
  • Conflict Detection – When employees go offline and continue to modify files, the source version of the modification is recorded for later comparison.
Mapped Drive Advanced Features

Bring Cloud Features to Your File Server

Since its release in 2009, Gladinet Cloud Desktop is no longer a stand-alone product. However, as the most advanced remote drive mapping technology, it continues to innovate and be incorporated into company product lines in CentreStack and Triofox. You continue to know Gladient Cloud Desktop as the Gladinet Cloud Drive, Gladinet Cloud Client or just as the drive letter on your desktop computer without you even knowing it! Gladinet is bringing cloud drive mapping technology to you!

With more than ten years of innovation in remote cloud drive mapping technology, Gladinet is making it convenient for mobile workers to access remote file servers and cloud file servers from the ease of home.