Complete the Azure Files Puzzle with Triofox:
Your Missing Corner Piece

Are you an IT professional transitioning from the limitations of SharePoint to the nearly-perfect landscape of Azure Files? Don't let port 445 issues and complex drive-mapping stand in your way. Triofox is the missing corner piece you've been searching for—offering seamless remote access, Azure AD authentication, and robust auditing features. Begin a new journey without the roadblocks. Your complete solution is just a click away.

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Triofox has revolutionized the way our office works remotely. It's a must-have in the pandemic era.

The SharePoint Dilemma: Why Many Migrate to Azure Files

For many organizations embarking on their cloud migration journey, SharePoint is often the first stop. On paper, it promises collaboration, file storage, and an integrated Microsoft experience. But here are some unspoken challenges you might encounter:

1. File Locking & Conflicts

When multiple departments access a file simultaneously, SharePoint struggles with file locking, leading to version conflicts and potential data loss.

2. Scalability Limits

SharePoint caps the number of files you can have in a single library at 300,000. For organizations dealing with millions of files, this becomes a logistical nightmare.

3. Syncing Chaos

Syncing a vast amount of files can throttle your network bandwidth, affecting both remote and in-office work productivity.

4. Software Compatibility

Especially for Adobe and Mac users, SharePoint often comes up short on compatibility, which could stymie creative workflows.

5. Security & External Collaboration

While SharePoint offers basic security features, it often lacks the nuanced permissions and audit trails required for secure external collaborations.

6. Hidden Complexity

With multiple features like Teams, OneDrive, and more, SharePoint is often overwhelming, leading to reduced adoption rates among staff.

Azure Files: The Nearly-Complete Jigsaw with One Corner Piece Missing

After transitioning from the limitations of SharePoint, you and many other IT professionals find Azure Files to be the next logical step. It promises scalability and robustness, creating an almost-perfect cloud environment for your organization. Imagine you're working on a new jigsaw puzzle that is Azure Files. You've got almost all the pieces in place; the picture is nearly complete. But then you hit a snag. A corner piece is missing.

You've eagerly set up Azure File Sync, expecting a seamless experience especially for your remote workers. However, you run into a roadblock. Issues like port 445 restrictions create complications for remote access, hindering the workflow. Add to that the complex drive-mapping scripts and insufficient auditing capabilities, and you're left with an incomplete puzzle. Many IT professionals have navigated this journey and found themselves at a similar impasse. You're not alone. But what if the missing piece is within reach, waiting to complete the puzzle and deliver on the promise of Azure Files? Ready to find out? Keep reading.

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Triofox: Slotting in the Corner Piece to Complete Your Azure Files Jigsaw

You’ve navigated the maze of SharePoint’s limitations, sailed through Azure Files with its near-complete solution, and now you're standing at the edge of real transformation. That missing corner piece? It's Triofox.

Triofox eliminates the hurdles that hold back Azure Files, delivering the seamless experience you've been seeking. Here’s how:

Bypass Port 445 Restrictions

Forget the challenges of remote access through restricted ports. Triofox leverages HTTPS to secure and streamline remote access to your Azure Files.

 Transparent Auditing

Audit with confidence! Gain complete control and transparency over who’s accessing your files, when, and from where with Triofox's robust auditing capabilities.

Effortless Drive Mapping

Open your laptop lid and voila! Your drive is mapped and ready. Experience drive mapping in the most simplified and hassle-free way with Triofox.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

One solution for all your devices! Whether it's Windows, macOS, or mobile, Triofox ensures universal access to your Azure Files.

Web Browser Access

Unlock browser-based freedom! With Triofox, access your Azure Files anytime, anywhere, right from your web browser.

Mobile Application Access

Go mobile without compromise! Access and edit your Azure Files on-the-go directly from your mobile device with Triofox’s intuitive mobile apps.

Transition from SharePoint to Azure Files seamlessly and solve remote access and port 445 challenges with Triofox, the missing piece that completes your cloud storage puzzle.

Effortless Setup, Immediate Results:
How It Works

Transitioning to a new solution should be uncomplicated and effective. With Triofox, you're operational in no time, enjoying immediate benefits like increased productivity, secure file-sharing, and real-time collaboration. This isn't just a solution for today; it's an investment in your organization's future, offering the perfect blend of usability, security, and seamless Azure integration.

1. Azure-Ready Initial Setup

Deploy the Triofox server directly within your Azure environment on an Azure compute instance. This setup not only minimizes your time to market but also maximizes compatibility with existing systems.

2. Dual-Faceted Configuration

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to connect Triofox to your Azure Files and Azure AD on the backend, while simultaneously providing an HTTPS REST API interface on the front end for secure and efficient remote agent connectivity.

3. Flexible User Onboarding

Whether through Microsoft Intune deployment by system administrators or end-user downloads via the web portal, setting up the Triofox agent is a straightforward process, tailored to fit your organization's specific needs.

triofox architecture diagram

Triofox : How different components connect together

Frequently Asked Questions: All You Need to Know

Triofox stands as a unique solution that addresses the limitations of both SharePoint and Azure Files. SharePoint often becomes the first choice for organizations invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. However, it can be disruptive to workflow and compatibility. Migrating data to SharePoint may disrupt file server and application compatibility and often requires both users and applications to adapt to a new environment. It also has known scalability issues.

Azure Files offers a robust and scalable cloud storage solution but has its own set of challenges, such as port 445 restrictions that complicate remote access.

Triofox provides the best of both worlds by seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure. It bypasses port 445 restrictions through HTTPS, allowing secure and easy remote connections. With features like real-time file locking, versioning, and auditing, Triofox is the final piece of the puzzle that makes your cloud storage strategy complete and efficient.

Setting up Triofox is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, aimed to minimize any operational disruptions. For those in an Azure environment, Triofox can be deployed on an Azure compute instance, offering a seamless bridge between front-end HTTPS REST APIs and back-end connections to Azure Files and Azure AD. System administrators have the flexibility to push out the Triofox agents via Microsoft Intune deployment. Alternatively, end-users can easily login to the web portal and download the agent themselves. It’s all about giving you the most effortless setup experience while maximizing benefits from the get-go.

No, you don't need any extra hardware or software to get started with Triofox. If you're utilizing Azure, you can deploy Triofox on a Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 base image as a clean Windows virtual machine. Additionally, you'll need a fully qualified domain name and an SSL certificate, which Triofox can assist with or you can obtain through Azure.

Port 445 is commonly used for SMB (Server Message Block) communication, which Azure Files relies on. Unfortunately, this port is often blocked by ISPs due to its vulnerability to ransomware and other cyberattacks. Many malicious software variants, like WannaCry, have exploited this port to spread across networks. The port blockage poses challenges for remote workers who want to access files securely without using a VPN. Triofox resolves this by utilizing HTTPS protocols to enable secure communication between remote agents on Windows, macOS, and mobile devices. This allows for hassle-free and secure access to Azure Files without the complications arising from Port 445 restrictions.

Triofox is designed for businesses of all sizes, including enterprises, that require seamless and secure file access and collaboration solutions. Whether you're an IT professional in a large corporation, a small business owner, or an administrator in an educational institution, Triofox can meet your organization's unique needs. In terms of authentication, Triofox offers robust options, supporting SAML Single Sign-On, Azure AD integration, and local Active Directory integration. This allows for easy integration with a variety of identity providers, including Azure AD, Okta, and OneLogin, thus streamlining user authentication and access management.

Yes, Triofox offers a trial version that not only lets you explore its robust features but also provides free guided Proof of Concept (POC) setup with the assistance of our solution architects. This approach significantly shortens the learning curve, allowing you to make the most of the trial period. Moreover, the trial environment can be seamlessly converted into a production environment without requiring a separate setup, making it a smooth transition from trial to full deployment. So, you can start with a trial, benefit from our expert guidance, and within 30 days, transition to a fully operational production environment.

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