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Gladinet completes self-service branding offering

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Gladinet Releases White Labeled Mobile Clients for Cloud Storage

Gladinet has announced the release of white labeled clients for mobile platforms like iOS and Android which makes it easier for service providers to create a fully branded file sync and share solution (EFSS) based on OpenStack SWIFT or any other private cloud storage service. The company previously provided a free, self-service rebranding capability that did not allow mobile clients to be rebranded. The new white labeled mobile clients give small to medium sized service providers a lower entry point than the full branded service which was more easily amortized across large scale deployments.

According to Jerry Huang, Gladinet's CEO, "We have fulfilled the promise of delivering the white labeled mobile clients based on the needs of many smaller customers and partners. These clients are now available at no additional cost. Search for the 'Cloud Android Client', in the Play Store on Android devices or the 'Cloud Client' in the App Store on iOS devices."

The company has furthered enhanced its service provider offering by providing the capability to brand each tenant separately. This allows a service provider to host the Gladinet platform in their data center while providing each customer with a different web address and their own private branding.

In many enterprises, IT is on the defensive, reacting to the increasingly pervasive use of public cloud storage solutions to connect mobile devices with enterprise information assets. With its OpenStack technologies, HP Helion allows IT departments to become a proactive force that creates solutions which will guide their company into the future. And when Gladinet is as an access platform for HP Helion Openstack SWIFT, enterprise data will be made as available and secure as it should be. This is made possible by Gladinet’s integration of traditional IT with cloud access paradigms. Furthermore, like the HP Helion platform, Gladinet is open, agile and secure. It can also scale to millions of users.

Jerry Huang, Gladinet’s CEO, states that “This certification is quite meaningful for us. We can now offer HP Helion customers the ability to download and install our software to create a secure, private file sync and share platform that is backed by Gladinet and HP. The solution can be deployed on-premise in minutes. And service providers can provide a multi-tenant file sync and share platform to their customers with their own brand. ”

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Founded in 2008, Gladinet is a growing company, with the number of people who have downloaded its cloud storage access software approaching 2 million. The company provides a brandable enterprise file sync and share platform that can be self-hosted with flexible deployment options. Gladinet's partners include HP, Amazon, IBM and hundreds of service providers in 26 countries.

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