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OpenStack Integration

Gladinet enables private file sharing and synchronization with OpenStack SWIFT cloud storage.

Gladinet Cloud allows an organization to provide simple, secure access to online storage for all their backup, synchronization and collaboration needs.

Gladinet Announces OpenStack SWIFT Private Cloud Storage Integration

Gladinet has announced OpenStack file sharing support which allows enterprises to create a file sync and share solution (EFSS) based on OpenStack SWIFT cloud storage. This enables secure, private collaboration across multiple devices for employees. Without this kind of solution, an enterprise may be subjected to information leakage threats caused by users moving data through uncontrolled personal cloud services. Gladinet's tight integration with OpenStack SWIFT allows enterprises to deploy a completely on-premise file sync and share platform.

OpenStack Swift is a multi-tenant, highly scalable object storage system designed to store large amounts of unstructured data at low cost. The platform is becoming increasingly pervasive in the enterprise. WIth the new integration, Gladinet extends its unique ability to provide corporate IT with the completely on-premise control they desire while satiating the collaboration needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.

According to Jerry Huang, Gladinet's CEO, "We are seeing more combined deployments of Gladinet Cloud Enterprise with OpenStack Swift as enterprises seek solutions to the threat of information leakage through public clouds. Our platform combines the security and control of traditional IT with the ease of use and utility of cloud storage based file synchronization and sharing. Gladinet's flexible, multi-tenant architecture and scalability make it a great fit for the enterprise seeking to maintain control of its data."

For more information, please visit our OpenStack Swift page.

About Gladinet
Founded in 2008, Gladinet is a growing company, with the number of people who have downloaded its cloud storage access software approaching 2 million. The company provides a brandable enterprise file sync and share platform that can be self-hosted with flexible deployment options. Gladinet's partners include HP, Amazon, IBM and hundreds of service providers in 26 countries.

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