Gladinet Announces Support for HP Cloud Services
Gladinet to offer Online Collaboration, File Storage, Team Workspaces and Backup Solutions built on HP Cloud Services for small and medium enterprises.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 10, 2012 – Gladinet today announced that Gladinet Cloud is now available with HP Cloud Services (http://hpcloud.com). As part of an agreement
between Gladinet and HP, Gladinet has delivered Gladinet Cloud to be compatible with HP Cloud Object Storage. Customers can expect Gladinet Cloud to benefit from Gladinet’s participation in HP Cloud Services. Gladinet Cloud leverages the power of this service to provide simple online collaboration, online file storage, offsite backup and team workspaces. It can also seamlessly integrate with existing local storage to create a hybrid cloud with centrally managed, unified access.


“We are excited by this opportunity to work closely with HP.  HP Cloud Services gives us the technology we need to make Gladinet solutions even more robust and  higher quality.  Leveraging the HP Cloud Services infrastructure for the Gladinet Cloud helps provide the capabilities that customers need,” stated Jerry Huang, Gladinet’s CEO, “and this collaboration broadens the scope of enhancements we can provide to our customers.”


As an example, Gladinet’s CEO, Jerry Huang, explains that, “Attaching a local folder to HP Cloud Object Storage and publishing its content to users, while centrally managing access controls through a web browser highlights some of the benefits of our hybrid approach. The hybrid storage can be accessed through drives on user desktops, network file shares, web browsers and mobile devices. And in this scenario, the local folder is synchronized with HP Cloud Object Storage regardless of where changes occur. Furthermore, the data remains accessible even when internet connectivity is lost, because we are maintaining a local copy.”

The ability to seamlessly replace traditional backup media with cloud storage provides another example of the utility of Gladinet’s unified approach. In this case, a third party backup application can send data to the cloud through the existing file system interfaces, making the cloud migration completely transparent to the application.


Gladinet Cloud has four editions: Starter, Professional, Premium and Team, which allow different types of users to leverage HP Cloud Services. A Starter or Professional edition user can use HP Cloud Storage as a drive on their desktop and perform simple backups. A Premium user can also share files, or access their storage from a web browser or mobile client. Team use adds collaboration between team members, the ability to  integrate HP Cloud Storage with local file servers, and Active Directory based access controls.


In closing, Mr. Huang stated, “We are pleased to expand our portfolio of supported cloud storage services and look forward to introducing the new offering to our partners and customers.”

For more information about Gladinet solutions, please visit http://www.gladinet.com

About Gladinet
Founded in 2008, Gladinet started by providing users the convenience of a network drive attached to cloud storage. With the addition of products that attach cloud storage to file servers, backup to the cloud and create personal clouds, Gladinet is changing the way businesses access and use cloud storage through its widely accepted cloud storage access platform. Learn more at http://www.gladinet.com. Follow us at  
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Franklyn Peart, SVP Business Development


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