OpenStack Swift
EFSS Web Interface

Enterprise File Sync and Share with a Web Browser Client

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OpenStack Swift EFSS Web Browser Interface

We kicked off a series of OpenStack EFSS video demo and blog articles. Yesterday we started with a general overview of the EFSS (Enterprise Sync and Share) solution based on OpenStack Swift. Today’s session will focus more on the web browser interface.

This video starts from the multi-tenant interface and going into creating a new tenant, and assign an OpenStack swift container to the tenant. After that, it covers the multi-user web browser interface about how each user access the files and folders. (Single Tenant Enterprise Edition is a special case of the Multi-Tenant edition)

In the middle of the session, it reviews the team folder concept and how multiple users in the same company can share and collaboration on the team folder.

At the end of the session, it also covers the peer-to-peer or point-to-point share. The peer to peer share can share files with guest users or users from other companies.

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