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CentreStack Quick Start Guide

Instructions to get started

CentreStack uses the Microsoft Web Platform (IIS , ASP.NET, .NET Framework 4, SQL Server/Express). These components will be configured by the  CentreStack installation package automatically.

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012/R2
Architecture: 64 bit

Minimum Requirements: 4G Memory, Intel CPU, 160G Hard Drive, Physical or Virtual Machine

Additional Requirements: CentreStack Installation requires a clean image with plain OS installed.

Pre-requisite: Microsoft Web Platform (Will be installed automatically)

Quick Start Video
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The following components will be automatically installed by the Gladinet installation package if they are not present on the system.

  • IIS - On Windows 2008/2012 machine, this is included in OS already
  • IIS - IIS Management Console
  • .NET Framework 4.5 Full (not Client Profile)
  • SQL Server 2008/2012/2014 Express
  • SQL Server 2008/2012/2014 Management Studio Express

The new CentreStack installer released after Nov 1, 2013 is capable of collecting the pre-requisite and install them if they are not already on the system. The new CentreStack installer can be a one-stop installer to install everything from begin to end.

Install CentreStack

Step 1 - Follow these installation instructions to setup CentreStack.

Step 2 - Configure CentreStack

Upon Restart, you will be directed to the configuration page. The very first user registered will be the administrator for the CentreStack.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Fill in Administrator

Next you will need to select User Manager. You can select the default user manager so you can manually create users. You can also select Active Directory so you use your existing user management infrastructure.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer
User Manager

Next you will select the backend storage for your CentreStack. You can select local storage, file server storage or any public cloud storage services that is supported.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Configure Backend Storage

Next it is all ready, you are in the management console, starting the 90-day trial.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Administrator Management Console