Enterprise File Sharing

Sync outside the box with this self-hosted, enterprise file sync and share platform.


Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS)

Installable EFSS Solution for Security & Control
team solution
All the EFSS features you see on www.gladinet.com packaged into a Windows Installer Package
5-10 minutes of installation and configuration get you up and running immediately
Deep Active Directory integration. Get started with your existing users in no time.
Use your own file server storage, or private OpenStack Swift/EMC Atmos cloud. Its your choice.
Supports most public cloud storage services to provide even more choice.
Scale up to support hundreds of thousands of users. Just install it on a 2nd, 3rd, ... server.

Why CentreStack?

You need a cloud storage sync & share solution, with team collaboration features.
You want to provide employees an easy way to access your file servers from PCs, mobile devices and web browsers.
More importantly, you need security and control. You need to know where the data is coming from and where it is going.
You need compliance and can't tolerate the risk of corporate data leakage from 3rd party sites.

Is This Solution for Me?

Here is a quick list of features. Compare each one with your requirements and check the ones that match. If you find yourself checking most of the features in the list, you've found the right solution!

Storage space can be your own file server,  private cloud storage , or other storage accounts.
Storage space can be accessed from web browsers.
Storage space can be accessed from mobile devices.
Storage space can be accessed from a user's local computer and local software (like MS Office).
Access can be provided through Active Directory integration or you can simply add users by email.
Users can choose to backup some files/folders
Users can choose to 2-way sync some folders
Solution can be branded with your corporate logo and image
Solution can be managed in your own data center, dedicated server or in your own office.

How To Deploy?

You will deploy the solution on-premise or in your own data center, preferably inside a DMZ zone. The following articles will provide more information.

White-Label Capability

You need a white label solution. You need the exact same solution seen on www.gladinet.com, but you want to host it yourself. No problem. Contact us and we will help.


Ready to Start?

Once you fill out the form, we will send the product download link to your business email address.


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