Flexible Licensing for Service Providers and Enterprises

Purchase and manage licenses from the partner portal. Control your own billing.

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise Edition licenses are managed from the Partner Portal.
Register and Login from the Partner Page.

Gladinet Cloud Personal Edition makes it easy to use online storage from your desktop

Gladinet Cloud Service Provider Edition is a multi-tenant version of Gladinet Cloud Enterprise. Purchase licenses on the Partner Page.

Gladinet Cloud Team Edition is hosted by Gladinet




100GB Free Storage




1.1 TB Free Storage & Cloud Hosted


starting at


On Premise Control & Storage

Service Provider

starting at


On Premise Control & Storage

desktop drive

online backup

file share

secure file share

online colaboration

file sync

Drive mapping

File Locking

Private File Sharing

Self Hosting

Active directory

self hosting


OpenStack swift Integration

Hybrid cloud with file server

Multi-tenant sync and share

White Labeled self-hosted dropbox

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise offers incentives to include your entire organization. The recurring pricing starts with 20 users with a tiered pricing structure.

20 users ( Minimum Purchase )

$2.99 / month

First 100 users ( 20-100 )

$2.99 / month

Next 400 users ( 101-500 )

$2.49 / month

Next 500 users ( 501-1000 )

$2.00 / month

Next Tier ( > 1000 users )

$1.00 / month

> 2000 users

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