Gladinet Cloud
File Server Integration

Migrate File Servers to Cloud Servers
and free them from your LAN!


FTP Replacement Solution for File Server

Any device, anywhere, secure online access solution for your file server, replacing FTP!


This white paper describes Gladinet Cloud Server (File Server Agent) which can be used by businesses to enable remote users an easy access to internal files on file servers.

Problem Statement

You need to share internal files with external people. In the past, you have been using FTP as a solution to provide access to the files. There are many limitations of FTP that you would like to overcome.

You want a more user friendly solution, that can fully take advantage of the modern technology, such as HTML5/AJAX for almost native web browser access. You also want desktop clients, iOS/Android/Windows Phone/RT clients so it is easier to access from mobile devices.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet Cloud solves the problems by combining file synchronization solution and drive mapping solutions together. File servers from different locations can contribute folders to a global distributed file system namespace in cloud storage, inside user's account. The global distributed file system namespace can be accessed from web browser, desktop PC , mobile devices or other file server. The file synchronization solves the problem for local user and remote users to access file server. The drive mapping solution solves the problem of accessing and file locking.

Gladinet Cloud solution can also be integrated with your existing Active Directory and you can give users permissions to different folders.


Better Usability Users can access the files without installing any native clients by going directly to a web browser client. The web browser client leverages the modern HTML5/AJAX technologies to present a native look-and-feel file manager.
Easy Sharing Users can share files and folders directly over web browser, making it much easier to share files and folders.
Mobile Access Not only can users access the file server through traditional Microsoft Network, they can also access the same file server content through iOS/Android/Windows Phone/Windows RT mobile devices. Besides web browser based access client, there are many native clients available to integrate the access methods natively into each kind of device and operating systems.

Implementation #1

The first implementation has the Gladinet Cloud running on with default Gladinet storage. The Gladinet Cloud Server will be installed on the file server that has folders to share. You can get online access to file server folders once you attach a folder from the file server to your Gladinet Cloud account.

Implementation #2

The second implementation will have Gladinet Cloud running on-premise. You can have web browser access to file server folders in the LAN environment. If you put the Gladinet Cloud in the DMZ zone, you can also enable secure online access across the Internet.


Traditionally, you only have CIFS/SMB drive mapping access to file server. With VPN, you can extend the access to remote locations. With Gladinet Cloud Server, you can have any device, anywhere secure access without VPN, which makes employees more productive and focus more on running the business and focus less on the access methods like IPSEC/VPN.