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Enterprise Dropbox Alternative

Provide an Enterprise Dropbox Alternative to Your Employees for Security and Control


This white paper describes CentreStack. The solution can be used by businesses to privately deploy and host a file sync and share solution, providing an access layer (browser, mobile, desktop and file server access) around private cloud storage service and local file server storage, and retaining full control of data and the related access infrastructure.

Problem Statement

As the CIO of the company, whether it be an enterprise or a medium sized business, you are now faced with the Dropbox problem. The employees of the business are using Dropbox on their own to backup some local folders and make them easy to access from over the Internet. However, from business perspective, it is not good knowing that company documents may be scattered on multiple PCs and in different places on a third party hosting site, creating liabilities for regulatory obligations and leakage of business secrets.

You can't simply say no to personal Dropbox accounts. Instead, it would be great if you could self-host and manage a dropbox-like service for your business and give your employee an alternative solution and replacement solution that is also user friendly and at the same time, under your own control.

CentreStack Solution

CentreStack provides a solution for the problem above. First it enables you to install and host the solution completely on-premise or inside a trusted service provider's data center. Second, it can be integrated with the file server storage, SAN storage or NAS storage. This is a solution that you completely own and control.

Benefit 1 - Support Active Directory Users

There is no additional setup to add active directory users to the solution. Active Directory users can simply log in to the on-premise Gladinet Cloud web portal. When an employee leaves company, you just simply turn off his/her active directory entry and the access to the solution will be turned off as well.

Benefit 2 - Native integration with Home Directory

Optionally, user's home directory information will be directly used for web browser based and mobile device access. At work, employees are used to access the company wide personal home directory. Outside, the employee will access to the same home directory.

Benefit 3 - Integration with Your Own Storage

The solution can be integrated with your own storage, whether it be file server storage, SAN storage or NAS storage. In addition, you can also connect to your own public cloud storage services.


It is recommended that CentreStack be installed on Windows 2008 R2 servers, or Windows 2012 R2 servers as shown in the following configuration. You can connect the Active Directory to the CentreStack instance as the user manager. You can also connect your local file server to the CentreStack Server.


CentreStack leverages the local connectivity to Active Directory and enterprise's own storage solution to create a self-hosted dropbox alternative solution. The benefit is to give security and control back in the hands of the enterprise and the employees.

For more information, please contact Gladinet Support @ enterprise@gladinet.com or visit http://www.gladinet.com

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