Verizon Cloud - Windows Store App Access
Use an Windows RT/Surface Device with Verizon Cloud

Windows Store Application

Gladinet Cloud provides mobile applications on Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT and other tablet devices such as Microsoft Surface and Lenovo IdeaTab, making it easy to manage and use the cloud storage service from mobile tablet devices. You can use files and folders from your Verizon Cloud Cloud Storage account directly from Windows RT device.

How to Set it Up?

You can sign up for a Gladinet Cloud Team account. During the sign up process, select the "Plug-in My Own Cloud Storage" option and plug-in your Verizon Cloud Cloud Storage account. After the sign up process is completed, you will be at the Web Browser Based File Manager, looking directly into your Verizon Cloud Cloud Storage files and folders. You can download Windows Store applications direct from Windows Store.

Verizon Cloud Storage Bucket is Amazon S3 compliant. You can choose the "Amazon S3 Compatible" entry. After that, you can enter the Verizon Cloud Storage API end point from one of the following API endpoint.

The Verizon Cloud Storage service will have a single global end-point in a future release. At this time, each cluster must be addressed individually. Following are end-points planned for BETA, with a staged roll-out over time. Each account can select an available storage cluster from the administrative portal, and will be bound to that location for the BETA.
  • storage-iad3a.cloud.verizon.com (east coast USA)
  • storage-ams1a.cloud.verizon.com (Netherlands, EU)
  • storage-ushaa.cloud.verizon.com (3-data center spread, USA)

After you select the end point, you can enter your Bucket Access key and Secret Key. (Make sure you set Bucket Key first in your Verizon Cloud Manager web portal).

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Self-Host the file sync and share solution in Verizon Cloud VMs?

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