Gladinet Cloud
File Server Integration

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Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

Combines Local Storage's Speed and Cloud Storage's Ease of Access Together


This white paper describes Gladinet Cloud Server (File Server Agent) which can be used by businesses to enable remote users an easy access to head quarter file server and also provide an online backup solution to file server.

Problem Statement

You have a file server in the head quarter that employees access through traditional Microsoft Network. For remote users, they may access the file server through VPN from remote offices. It is cumbersome and slow for the remote users. At the same time, you are also looking to backup file server folders and searching for an all-in-one backup and access hybrid cloud storage solution.

For the hybrid cloud storage solution, you want the head-quarter employees to continue to access the file server the old way, without any interruption or change of behavior. You want the file server contents replicated to a cloud storage service and allowing remote users easier access to the same file server contents. You also like the contents between the file server and the cloud storage service sync up to each other.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet Cloud solves the problems by creating a hybrid cloud storage and access solution. File servers from different locations can contribute folders to a global distributed file system namespace in cloud storage, inside user's account. The global distributed file system namespace can be accessed from web browser, desktop PC , mobile devices or other file server.


Online Backup File Server Folders will be synchronized to a cloud storage service. The changes will be under version control, making it easy to revert to previous versions.
VPN Replacement Remote users can access the file server contents directly from cloud storage service. It greatly improves the performance and greatly improves usability, thus improves productivity.
Mobile Access Not only can employees access the file server through traditional Microsoft Network, they can also access the same file server content through iOS/Android/Windows Phone/Windows RT mobile devices.

Implementation #1

The first implementation has the Gladinet Cloud running on with default Gladinet storage. The Gladinet Cloud Server will be installed on the file server that has folders to share. You can get online access to file server folders once you attach a folder from the file server to your Gladinet Cloud account.

Implementation #2

The second implementation will have Gladinet Cloud running on-premise. You can have web browser access to file server folders in the LAN environment. If you put the Gladinet Cloud in the DMZ zone, you can also enable secure online access across the Internet.


Traditionally, you only have CIFS/SMB drive mapping access to file server. With VPN, you can extend the access to remote locations. With Gladinet Cloud Server, you can have any device, anywhere secure access without VPN, which makes employees more productive and focus more on running the business and focus less on the access methods like IPSEC/VPN.