Thanks for downloading Gladinet Cloud Enterprise

Your download should automatically begin in a few seconds. If not, click here for the installer.

Double click the downloaded web installer, to start the installation


Step 1 - Double click the web installer to Start Installation

Step 2 - Accept the EULA.

Step 3 - Select the Enterprise, or Service Provider Edition

Step 4 - Select the installation type

Select All in One installation, to install everything in one single node. Or cluster installation. With cluster installation, need to setup DB server connection.

Step 5 - Start installation

Click Install button to start the installation. The installation will detect the current configuration and download 3rd party software if needed. At the end of the installation, please reboot the server.


Step 1 - Double click the web installer

If you already have CentreStack installed, the web installer will detect it. Click 'Yes' to upgrade.

Step 2 - In summary, click Upgrade button to start the upgrading.

Step 3 - Apply localization change (Optional)

* If you have modified web portal language translation under 'Languages' tab, in cluster manager, please follow the procedure below to apply the changes after upgrade. If not, you can skip it.

  • Login cluster manager as cluster admin
  • Go to Cluster Server Farm, Client Worker Nodes
  • Click 'Apply localization change' button for all worker nodes

For details, please check the Quick Start Guide.