Windows File Server Cloud Enablement

Triofox prepares Windows file servers for a productive future that is independent of data location or deployment model. Whether your needs are best served by migration to a public cloud, private cloud or just file servers on-premises, you'll maximize the productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing control, security or privacy.

There are so many Windows File Server Features We Love

Active Directory
With Active Directory, employees can log in to corporate machines with one single set of credential.
NTFS Permission
The NTFS file system brings the permission structure to folders and files with well understood security control.
Drive Mapping
Drive mapping is probably the most frequently used feature from end users when then login to their Windows workstation.
File Locking
File locking is another frequently used feature from NTFS and the CIFS/SMB protocol to lock files while they are being edited.
Storage Space Direct
With Windows storage space direct, Windows file servers can be pooled together to increase the storage capacity and grow on demand.
Virtual Machine
With the virtual machine technology, Windows file servers can be available from AWS, Windows Azure and various other data center locations.

Take Windows File Servers Back to the Future

There are so many Windows file server features that we use and love. However, when it comes to storage services and applications, there are also Office 365 OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Azure Files, Dropbox, Box, ShareFile and etc public cloud storage services that compete with Windows file servers for your data. These services can make Windows file server irrelevant in the future.

Shall you give up your Windows file server and adopt these public cloud storage services? Or shall we add modern cloud services to Windows file servers and take the file servers back to the future!

Cloud Service Migration has Problems!

Work flow Disruption
Cloud storage migration normally starts with copying and migrating file server data content over to third party storage services.
Business Application
There are applications which can't move and you have invested heavily in the past, from user's experience to license costs.
Data Sprawl
Cloud storage adoption usually start from a small percentage of workers and a small percentage of use cases. When file server content and cloud storage content co-exists, problem appears.

VPN, FTP or WebDav ??

Neither VPN nor FTP or WebDAV is a good solution for Windows file servers. Your mobile workforce prefer Dropbox-style, or OneDrive-Style modern access solution that combines web browser access, desktop/laptop device access and mobile access into one cohesive solution.

Triofox adds web browser access, desktop/laptop access, mobile access, data protection, cloud migration to your Windows file servers!

Working remotely and be productive with your Windows file server in the future
Mobilize Your File Servers

Gladinet Triofox can be used by businesses to quickly enable secure remote access and mobile access to file servers without using a VPN, and without the lengthy copying or synchronizing to external storage services such as Office 365, Dropbox, or Box. Later on, Triofox can leverage more from the cloud for business continuity.

When more and more businesses practice social distancing at a time of a global pandemics, We're certainly seeing a lot more interest in faster ways to facilitate work from home use cases without compromising data privacy, security or compliance.

So we strongly encourage you to use Triofox and any other resources at your disposal to simplify remote work. For example, Triofox’s ability to simplify remote file server access could be critical for a company that depends on internal file servers.

Cloud Power + Web Simplicity + File Server Security? How??

Triofox is a web server that accepts file requests from client agents over the HTTPS/SSL protocol. These requests are then translated into Active Directory and File Server network share access protected by NTFS permissions. The file is sent back via HTTPS/SSL to the client agents when all permission checks have passed. Triofox uses this approach to combine the power of a mapped drive with the simplicity of web browsing and the security of a VPN!


Triofox Web Server
Triofox creates a web server front end accepting client agent requests from remote Windows, Mac, web browser, iOS and Android devices. Client agents provide drive mapping functionality.

Agents Send File Requests
Client agents send HTTPS/SSL requests to the Triofox server. Triofox server can log the requests for auditing purpose and also coordinate the file access and sharing demands.

Active Directory Integration
Active Directory and NTFS permissions are used to check whether the file requests are allowed. After that, file requests are satisfied and returned via HTTPS/SSL to client agents.

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