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In the Gladinet Store you can purchase the products and receive the full versions in minutes. The online order process is 100% secure. Gladinet never sees your credit card details - payments are processed by PayPal or Plimus, all are reputable ecommerce companies. With our 100% unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can't go wrong!


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Cloud Desktop | Cloud Backup | CloudAFS

Gladinet Cloud Desktop

    Perpetual license key to unleash the full capabilities.
    Unlimited file transfers, advanced sync-to-cloud management.
    More functionality, performance and security, ... than Starter Edition.
    Limited Time Offer: one year free basic package (A $23.89 Value) for Gladinet Cloud Space Service
    Free minor upgrades ( e.g. 2.0->2.1 ), Deep discounts for major upgrades ( e.g. 2.0->3.0 ).
    Enhanced customer service and support available to paid customers only.

Home Use License

License Price(USD) Paypal Plimus
Single-User License  (Discount For Home Use) $59.99$39.99
           Home Use: Single-User Licenses may be installed on multiple home PCs
          Read more about Cloud Desktop licensing

Commercial Use License

Single-User/PC License  (For Commercial Use) $59.99
           Commercial Use: Single-User License or Single Computer License for commercial purpose.
          Read more about Cloud Desktop licensing

Academic Licenses

We offer deep discounts for academic use. Teachers, faculty, staff and students of education institutions are eligible for Gladinet academic discount pricing. A valid email address from an educational institution is required for purchase. This offer may not be combined with the referral program below. Click here to purchase or check the pricing from our e-commerce service provider.


Volume Licenses

Click here to check our volume license discount pricing. Click here to purchase.


Gladinet Cloud Backup

    Live backup to cloud storage services from Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008.
    Easy restore from any snapshots.
    Turn-key cloud backup solution.
    Software-As-Service Promotion: 1 cent for first month.

  Available from $4.99/Month

Gladinet CloudAFS™

    Gateway to cloud storage services from Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008.
    Enhance file server with tier 2 storage from the cloud.
    Integrate with Active Directory.
    Software-As-Service Promotion: 1 cent for first month.

  Available from $4.99/Month


Order Securely with PayPal or Plimus

Gladinet never sees your credit card details - payments are processed by PayPal or Plimus.
You will be using Paypal's or Plimus' service to purchase one or more software licenses for the above item. Paypal will notify Gladinet when the payment is received and the license key will be delivered by email after we have processed your order.   Gladinet Cloud Desktop Professional Edition is delivered electronically and a download link will be provided via email.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To ensure that you are never charged for an item that does not meet your needs, we offer an unconditional 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee when you purchase our products. We will bear all the responsibility so that you don't have to take any risk when shopping with us.
If you are not completely satisfied with the software, just send us an email letting us know why you are unhappy, and we will refund the full purchase price. Order number and license number are required in the email.


Refer a Friend and You Both Get Cash!

Gladinet is now offering a referral program. We'll pay you $10 for each referral that results in a purchase of Gladinet Cloud Desktop Professional edition. All you need is a Professional Edition license of your own and a few friends or colleagues who you think might enjoy our product. Each referred purchaser will also receive a $10 rebate. Each purchase will generate 10 referral codes which can be sent to others. There is no limitation to how often you can sign up. Each copy you purchase will generate another 10 referral codes, even if the purchase includes referral redemption! So, buy a license and register for the referral program at http://www.gladinet.com/p/referrerregistration.aspx
Good luck!



The Professional Edition of Gladinet Cloud Desktop is an open platform with advanced features that provide the seamless integration of cloud services with your desktop. These include advanced backup capabilities, enhanced security, compression, chunking and ever expanding support for integrated cloud storage. It also leverages the most recent set of storage plugins that have been developed by either Gladinet or third parties to ensure the best possible user experience with each cloud service. After purchase and installation of Gladinet's open platform with advanced features, all known storage plugins that are registered in the online Gladinet plugin directory will be downloaded on demand. These are available as a free download and will be periodically updated. Please review our End User Licensing Agreement for details regarding the use of third party software or services.