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Microsoft DFS Integration

Access DFS shares with mobile devices and Active Directory credentials

Gladinet Cloud allows an organization to provide simple, secure access to online storage for all their backup, synchronization and collaboration needs.

Publish Microsft DFS as Cloud Storage with Gladinet

Gladinet has announced the recent integration of Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS) in Gladinet Cloud Enterprise to create cloud DFS shares. DFS is a well known set of services that allow an organization to group many distributed SMB shares into a distributed file system with a single namespace that is logically grouped under a single folder, or DFS root. The Gladinet platform has traditionally brought cloud access paradigms to file shares, allowing them to be accessed as cloud storage from mobile devices. The self-hosted, brandable enterprise file sync and share platform now offers the same capabilities for DFS Shares.

Gladinet's CEO, Jerry Huang, stated "We are pleased to provide our customers with the ability to leverage their existing DFS infrastructure as a part of their cloud migration strategy. They now have the ability to treat DFS shares as cloud storage, or automatically create cloud DFS shares for users based on the DFS home directory published for them in Active Directory. There are several approaches but the bottom line is that the end users can access their cloud DFS shares from any location on any device without a virtual private network (VPN)"

The BYOD phenomenon has presented many enterprises with the challenge of accommodating the access needs of employees with mobile devices. Their employees have become accustomed to the convenience of public cloud storage while their IT departments are more comfortable with the control and security of on premise infrastructure. Gladinet bridges that gap by allowing enterprises or their service providers to deploy an enterprise dropbox alternative with all the collaboration features users need, while maintaining complete control of the cloud storage and access infrastructure."

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About Gladinet
Founded in 2008, Gladinet is a growing company, with the number of people who have downloaded its cloud storage access software approaching 2 million. The company provides a brandable enterprise file sync and share platform that can be self-hosted with flexible deployment options. Gladinet's partners include HP, Amazon, IBM and hundreds of service providers in 26 countries.

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