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Gladinet Enhances Mac Cloud Storage Client with Finder Sync Extension

Gladinet continues to enhance its enterprise file sync and share platform by creating a Finder Sync extension on Mac OS X, significantly enhancing performance and the overall user experience on Mac clients. Notable changes include support for icon overlays, right click context menus, caching optimizations and better integration between local folders and remote data sources.

Finder Sync extension points allow Gladinet to safely and cleanly modify the Finder's user interface to express file synchronization status and control. The Gladinet Mac client for cloud storage registers one or more folders for the system to monitor, which allows icon overlays, labels and contextual menus to be set for any objects in the monitored folders. Historically, the Windows cloud storage client has been more mature and fully featured than Mac cloud client, but the new extension evens the score.

"Perhaps the most notable improvement in the new client may be the least noticeable. Finder Sync now has better support for apps that synchronize the contents of a local folder with cloud storage. So, not only does it improve the user experience by providing immediate visual feedback in the Finder windows, but it is no longer designed with the assumption that files and associated metadata are stored locally. These changes combine with our related caching enhancements to provide a far more robust user experience," said Jerry Huang, Gladinet's CEO.

"Mac platforms are a concern to the majority of our customers, so we are excited by our ability to significantly enhance the Mac user experience," Huang added. For more information, please visit

About Gladinet Founded in 2008, Gladinet is a growing company, with the number of people who have downloaded its cloud storage access software approaching 2 million. The company provides a brandable enterprise file sync and share platform that can be self-hosted with flexible deployment options. Gladinet's partners include HP, Amazon, IBM and hundreds of service providers in 26 countries.

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