Gladinet Cloud Success Stories
Private, Secure File Sharing
Rob Bosch, iPremise
We feel pretty good about where the product is headed and the new features. The management capabilities now are pretty strong and definitely a good fit for an enterprise operation. We just rolled out a 70-user implementation that went really well. We used it to replace a SharePoint site. We have another customer that has several sites that we’ve moved to the cloud, replacing their SharePoint/Dropbox solution. I have several customers expecting to move away from using our onsite server package and moving everything to the cloud. We also have some larger, multi-site implementations which worked exactly as I planned. We save money on server replacements and they get a great solution."

Chris Kacoroski, Northshore School District
We had 6800 PCs and Macs that needed reliable remote access to our file servers. Gladinet Cloud Enteprise allowed us to solve that problem and create a secure, private file sharing solution for our 23,000 faculty and students who were struggling with email and USB drives. The transition has been completely seamless and I am very impressed!"

Ed Carter, YHMAN
YHMAN provides a Shared Community Cloud service in the UK for the University and College educational sector. We had an urgent need to provide a secure file sharing and cloud access platform. Gladinet Cloud Enterprise has enabled us to offer each university tenancy access to our cloud storage service while authenticating users against the appropriate university active directory and allowing them to collaborate easily."

Ed McGuian, Merit Group
I was asked to provide the equivalent to a file server for different departments in the company where they could place documents that needed to be shared among members of the department and also with senior management. We don't have a Windows Server Admin person within the company and I am the IT department so I wanted to look at something with the following characteristics:
  • Provide a Windows Explorer interface and integration with desktop applications - what the user base is used to.
  • Useable across multiple locations ( we have offices in Jamaica and US )
  • Able to offer a simple backup solution for files on users desktop or laptop computers - can't get users to manage their backups and having their My Documents folder synch to the cloud is very powerful
  • Provide a good browser interface for casual access from home or road
  • Good pricing structure with no annual contracts or other methods of lock-in
  • The ability to synch to a folder on a windows server is powerful - I created a document repository folder which I shared via Gladinet, giving me a local copy of the data ( which management liked ).
  • I liked the drag and drop to the browser for file upload
  • File revision tracking
I took a few days to look over the various Cloud offerings and found yours to be the best for a Small Business application like ours - really trying to stay away from Windows Servers and Active Directory."
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