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Want to free your file server by turning it into a cloud server with mobile device access? Use existing permissions and identities to access free cloud servers without a VPN? Gladinet Cloud Server (File Server Agent) turns any Windows File Server into private cloud storage that can be accessed from any device in any location with existing identities and permissions. Alternatively, it can turn any Windows File Servers into an on-premise, cloud storage gateway that can be accessed anywhere with any device. This white paper describes how Gladinet Cloud Server can be used by businesses to achieve either of these objectives, creating a virtual, free cloud server.

Problem Statement

Public cloud storage solutions have become increasingly convenient as they enable anywhere access to files and folders for web browsers, desktops and mobile devices, with sync and share capabilities. It is also very easy for team members to collaborate over the Internet.

However, the file server on the local area network (LAN) in your office still provides the key file storage and collaboration capabilities through network shares. You would like to adopt cloud storage technology and the new use cases it enables. But you can't simply get rid of your file server. Even if file servers were easy to replace, you still need a way to migrate all their data.

The situation is even more complicated when you need to collaborate across multiple file servers in multiple sites.

Enterprises need a way to access file server content over the Internet, migrate file server content to cloud storage, and present a unified namespace across all distributed file server.

Previous Options

Businesses have traditionally relied on virtual private network (VPN) solutions to access corporate data, but with a VPN, you will need additional solutions to enable mobile access, web browser based access, sync & share, team collaboration functionalities. You will also need solutions for backup and multi-site collaboration.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet Cloud Server solves these problems by installing agent software on your file server. It intelligently manages local and cloud storage together to provide a range of cloud enablement options.

Anywhere Access to File Shares

You can attach local file server folders to your Gladinet Cloud account. After the storage is attached, it is accessible online, enabling web browser access and mobile access. At the same time, the file server is still providing network share access over the local area network.

Migrate Existing File Shares to Cloud Storage

For the attached local folder, the file server content will be migrated over time to cloud storage. When it is an enabling method for online access, it is also a backup process happening in the background.

Global Workspace

You can attach local folders from different file servers to your Gladinet Cloud. It is a global namespace unifying the different file servers into a single folder structure, enabling multiple-site collaboration. It is a distributed file system in the cloud.

Free Cloud Server

You can also leverage the features above by using the existing file server as a private cloud

Migrating File Servers to Cloud Storage

Gladinet Cloud Server shall be installed on the file server that you would like to migrate to cloud over time. It supports Windows 2003/2008/2012 (32-bit/64-bit).

The most common implementation is first acquiring a Gladinet Cloud Team account on The Gladinet Cloud Server software comes with the Gladinet Cloud team account. You can then download and install Gladinet Cloud Server on your file servers. This way, Gladinet host the public cloud piece. You connect your file server to the Gladinet Cloud by using Gladinet Cloud Server.

Using File Servers as Private Cloud Storage

For ultimate security and control, you can deploy Gladinet Cloud Enterprise on-premise yourself so the cloud storage piece of the infrastructure is completely under your control. It allows you to provision your file server as private cloud storage. (You can also leverage other private cloud options like OpenStack Swift.) The Gladinet Cloud Enterprise product replicates all the functionality on the public Gladinet Cloud ( and it is an installable package that you can install on premise or in a DMZ zone. Please visit Gladinet Cloud Enterprise product page for this option. Gladinet Cloud Server package is included in the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise server package.


Gladinet Cloud Server combines the strengths of cloud storage technology and with a traditional file server to enable access from the cloud and from the local area network.

Your Windows file server is cloud enabled with Gladinet software.


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