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CentreStack on Windows Server 2012

Instructions to get started on server 2012

CentreStack is a Windows Installer (MSI) Package. The installation itself is pretty straight forward. The package is built on top of Microsoft Web Platform, i.e., IIS 7, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 4, SQL Server 2008 Express. So as a pre-requisite of the CentreStack installation, the Microsoft Web Platform components need to be ready.

System Requirements

CentreStack can be run on Windows 2008 (Service Pack 2 or R2) 32-bit & 64-bit machines for production environments. For Windows Server 2012, you must perform one additional step. After .NET Framework 4.5 is installed, use Server Manager to install HTTP Activation. The rest of the instruction will be the same as those on Windows 2008, after the HTTP Activation feature is turned on.

Install HTTP Activation

To Install .NET 4.5 HTTP Activation on Windows Server 2012

  • From the Start menu, click Programs, then click Administrative Tools, then click Server Manager.
  • In Server Manager, under Features Summary, choose Add Features.
  • Expand .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Select WCF Activation if it isn’t already selected. Then select HTTP Activation.
  • Click Next and follow the prompts to finish the installation.

The following screen shots will take you through the HTTP Activation Installation process.

Step 1 - Server Manager

Open Server Manager. You can use the Manage button on the top right to get started.

Server Manager
Web Site

Step 2 - Add Roles and Features Wizard

Now you can use the Add Roles and Features Wizard to add HTTP Activation feature.
Add Roles and Features Wizard
Add Roles and Features Wizard ...
Role-based or feature-based Installation
Role-based or feature-based Installation ...
Server Selection
Server selection ...
WCF Services
WCF Services ...
HTTP Activation
HTTP Activation ...

Step 3 - Confirm Installation ...

It will take a few minutes to install the HTTP Activation feature.
Confirmation ...
Confirmation ...

Install CentreStack

The rest of the steps are similar to installation on Windows 2008. Please reference Quick Start Guide to finish the installation.